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By Jayne Ann Krentz, narrated by Amanda Leigh Cobb

Jayne Ann Krentz is the first author that made me fall in love with contemporary romance. Her slightly paranormal character-traits, strong heroines and the combination of romance with intrigue, makes her romantic-suspense novels a thrilling read.

When meditation expert, Winter Meadows first takes on Jack Lancaster for a client, she was just trying to pay the bills. She never expected to fall in love with him or get tangled up in his obsession of hunting a dead man.

Jack Lancaster is an FBI consultant with the ability to find patterns and details through lucid dreaming. When his dreams threaten to overwhelm his reality, he seeks out Winter Meadows and her meditation techniques. In a short time, Jack comes to rely on Winter. She understands him in a way no one else, not even his family can.

Quinton Zane knows he must first get rid of Jack Lancaster before he can fully realize his goals. When he underestimates Winter and thinks to use her to destroy Jack, he makes a huge mistake. Together, Winter and Jack are Untouchable.

Jayne Ann Krentz weaves the fabric of a story with character, plot and a glittering strand of what-if. She makes the reader believe in possibilities and leaves us entertained and ready for more. One of my favorite authors and Untouchable is another reason why.


I write suspense with a hot romance and a southern accent. I like strong characters with attitude and charm. Heroines who can rescue themselves and heroes who aren't afraid to love them.