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While the Duke was Sleeping

By Sophia Jordan, Narrated by Carmen Rose

One of my favorite movies is While You Were Sleeping. Sophia Jordan plays homage to this fantastic movie with her novel, While the Duke was Sleeping.

Poppy Fairchurch fantasizes about the Duke of Autenbury, he is her idea of the perfect man. After pulling him to safety when nearly run down by a carriage, Poppy is mistaken for the Duke’s fiancé. The Duke’s half-brother, Straun MacKenzie doesn’t believe his arrogant brother would ever stoop to wedding a common shop girl.

MacKenzie, one of the wealthiest men in England, knows that as the illegitimate son of an aristocrat he’ll never be accepted by polite society. Society and his standing in it, is important to his brother, even if Poppy married Autenbury, society would never except her, a former shop girl.

Straun longs to make Poppy his but is thwarted by his brother’s servants and best friend, coupled with Poppy’s distrust keeps him at bay. His own honor keeps him from stealing her away while his brother is in a coma, but he is tempted.

As Poppy grows to care about Straun, she is conflicted by the ruse she has begun, her desire to see the Duke restored to health and her own longing for Straun.

Sophia Jordan did an awesome job of complimenting one of my favorite movies yet still managed to keep her novel fresh and original. While the Duke was Sleeping is a delightful story with rich, interesting characters. It was a fun read.


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