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Darkness Lane by Tom Kies

Tom Kies’ Geneva Chase mystery, Darkness Lane is a real, gritty tale of a reporter’s life. Geneva is a bit of an anti-hero. She is an alcoholic and a bit of a narcissist, often choosing her own comforts over those of others. Yet, when her daughter’s friend goes missing, she becomes emotionally involved and puts her own life at risk to learn what has happened to the girl.
Darkness Lane explores organized crime, drug and human trafficking, our worship of celebrities and the impact of big business on our economy. We become immersed in the relationship of Geneva with her ward, Caroline. The sometimes role-reversal of mother and daughter, and proof, that family isn’t about DNA but about who you’re willing to risk everything for.
Tom gives the reader some hard facts but he tempers it with emotion and character that rounds this story out into a satisfying read.
Thrown back into being a crime reporter, Geneva gets tangled in two big stories. When the two intertwine, she uses players from one to help solve the other. But is she not seeing the whole picture? What details has she missed? Could this lapse be due to her alcohol consumption or the stars in her eyes? Could her life be the price she has to pay for her mistakes or will her daughter be the one who pays the price?
If you are looking for a good, crime thriller with intense characters and real criminal activity, check out Darkness Lane. But I warn you, you won’t be able to put it down.


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