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Review: The Demon Duke

The Demon Duke

by Margaret Locke

This is the first book I’ve read by Margaret Locke. I read the description on a Facebook ad and knew that this was a book I had to read. I love characters that are different. Anyone can love the rich and beautiful but who will love someone who is less than perfect. Since I’ve yet to meet any of those perfect people, I’m interested in seeing how heroes and heroines can compliment each other. How one’s strength overcomes another’s weakness.

The Demon Duke is the first book in Margaret Locke’s Put Up Your Dukes series.

Banished from his family home because of his tics and outbursts, Damon Blackbourne has lived most of his life out of society’s view. His father proclaimed him dead but failed to disinherit him. When both his father and older brother die in a carriage accident, Daman is summoned home to become the Duke of Malford.

Despite his father’s claim that he is possessed by the devil, Damon is a man of honor. He returns to Thorne Hill to care for his mother and sisters though he’d much prefer to remain in the wilds of Yorkshire away from prying eyes.

There’s someone for everyone.

Damon never planned to fall in love, he didn’t believe in love. His lack of control over his body and thoughts made him feel no one would ever accept him even with the lofty title of duke. He wouldn’t marry, and he definitely wouldn’t court a lady.

Yet, when he met Lady Grace Mattersley in a library during a ball after his uncle left him straining to control his body, he found he did want those things, and more. Could he have found the one person who wouldn’t judge him for his weakness?

Lady Grace Mattersley never planned to marry or fall in love. She’d seen her mother hurt by her father, time and again. Loving someone did not guarantee they’d love you back. For a woman, marriage was a prison unless there was love and understanding. But who would love a mouse who preferred books to parties? A duke who wasn’t comfortable in large crowds?

A mouse tames a lion.

This story is about amazing characters who find each other. I love the strength of each of these characters and how they rescue each other. If you want a love story that is a little different, with characters you’ll love, you need to check out, The Demon Duke.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book goes to the Tourette Association of America.


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