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The Earl By Katharine Ashe Review 

The Falcon Club is dissolved. Peregrine, the Earl of Egremoor, Colin Gray is the only one left. He is at loose ends. His father is dead. What is he going to do next? Ask Lady Emily to marry him?
Lady Emily Anne Vale is known to all of London as the notorious pamphleteer—Lady Justice yet no one knows her true identity. When she finds herself in need of help from the Falcon Club she’s relieved to cancel their bargain when she learns who Peregrine really is. 

The romance is slow in unfolding but the action is non-stop as Colin and Emily find themselves thrown together as the trek across Scotland, on the run from vigilantes who’ve mistaken them for thieving murderers. As Colin continues to put Emily’s needs and protection over his own, Katharine gives us little clues into their shared past. She weaves memories with present action taking the reader on an emotional ride of experiences and ideas.

Will Emily continue to deny her feelings for Colin despite all she learns about him. As Lady Justice she’s written time and again of the unfairness of marriage for women. A woman’s fortune is forever in the hands of the men in their lives: their fathers, guardians, husbands, even their sons. Few women prior to the modern era obtain control of their finances or even their children. To trust a husband to protect their interests requires a lot of faith. Can Lady Justice trust the man who once broke her heart? Will the earl find the right words to win the heart of the Lady all of London adores? 


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