Lady Bridget’s Diary Review

Lady Bridget’s Diary by: Maya Rodale

I first started reading Maya Rodale’s books when I learned she was going to be a speaker at the Heart of Carolina annual Fall Workshop. I fell in love with her books, her marketing strategy and when I met her in person, I knew why her books charmed me so. Not only are her books fabulous but Maya is an intelligent and funny woman. Her wit and charm made her discussion interesting and made me even more of a fan.

No other author, since learning historical romance writer Amanda Quick was also contemporary author Jayne Ann Krentz, has interested me as much as Maya Rodale. Her historical and contemporary romances are equally fun to read but I have to admit to loving her historical romances best.

Maya Rodale writes with a mischievous glee. Poor Lady Bridget suffers the plight of an American suddenly thrown into the deep end of the social pool. As she and her siblings struggle to fit in with the ton, she attracts the attentions of two eligible young men, unfortunately they are brothers. After a series of mishaps, Lady Bridget discovers that the brother she thought she fancied isn’t the one she’s fallen in love with. Before she can find her happily ever after Bridget must win over the ton, outwit a conniving society belle, learn that she is wonderful just the way she is and face down her greatest fears. No problem, after all she is an American.

Lady Bridget’s Diary is a delightful story of opposites attracting. Sometimes what you need is not what you expect.

If you’re looking for a stuffy, historical novel, don’t read this book BUT if you’re looking for a fun, romantic story then come on in the water’s fine.