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In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness 

In honor of breast cancer awareness I’d like to mention the wonderful historical romance by Lorraine Heath “When the Duke was Wicked “. This book doesn’t preach about breast cancer. It doesn’t go into a lot of details about treatment only about the strength and determination of Lady Grace Mabry to find true love despite her scars. When she asks her neighbor, Lovingdon for assistance it becomes a tangle of an old crush and new awakenings. His reaction to her lack of a breast and the scar is what makes this book an honor to read. 
“Grace had always expected to feel shame at this first moment when a man gazed upon her chest, but she saw no revulsion cross Lovingdon’s features.”

Reading these words brought it home to me. Even a woman in a loving relationship would have fear and insecurity about that first unveiling but for a young woman seeking love…how much more difficult and frightening. Ms. Heath gave us a character with strength and grace, the perfect candidate to show that cancer doesn’t diminish us but survival makes us awesome!

“If he loves you, he’ll find every aspect of you beautiful.”
I wonder if you have read a book that lifts you up the way this one has me? Share your stories, what have you written or read about surviving breast cancer or other life altering events. 


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