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Audio Books 

I just finished listening to Nora Roberts’ The Return of Rafe Mackade on audiobook. I’ve been a fan of Nora Roberts for many years but hearing it performed by Luke Daniels is like watching a play or going to the movies. It brings it to life in a wonderful way that is difficult to explain. I love hearing it and as I listen, I am there! The characters become real.

Daniels has an excellent voice, I’ve heard other performances he has done and he is wonderful, but this book showcases his talent without obscuring Ms. Roberts’ brilliance. They are a perfect pairing. 

As a fan of audiobooks I have listened to many authors and many genres. There is one thing that can take me out of a book and ruin the whole experience, accents. Being from the south, nothing turns me off faster than a bad southern accent. 

Hearing the soft cadence of Mr. Daniels voice performing an honest East coast accent made this one of the best performed audios I have listened to. 

As a writer, hearing the work performed makes me think of my writing in a different way. I read my work aloud as I’m writing, if it doesn’t roll off the tongue it will clang in the ear and it will take the reader out of the story. 

Do you like audiobooks? Will you put your novel on audio? What makes an audiobook work for you?  What makes it fail?

 Roberts and Daniels got it right!


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