Low Tide Bikini by Lyla Dune

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I love to find new authors who are fun to read. I recently acquired Lyla Dune’s “Low Tide Bikini” from Ebub. This is her first novel and it is a rollercoaster ride from laugh out loud with tears streaming down my face to heart breaking moments of “Oh my God, no, they have to be together” but what a ride. The heroine Sam is an interesting character, a great combination of strength and weakness. She is the perfect balance to the world weary Brock. Add in some sexy senior citizens, a hot girl band, baby sea turtles and the uncertainties of new romance and life’s conflicts and you have a romance that is unique and entertaining.
While this might be considered a great beach read don’t think you have to wait until summer to read it. If you love music, especially Jazz, a sexy hunk with a British accent or ever dreamed of living at the beach, let “Low Tide Bikini” take you there. This sexy, romance is a lovely layered first course, I cannot wait to read more by this author. With supporting characters, members of the Bikini Quartet, I’m sure Ms. Dune has something delicious in store.


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