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May Prompts/flash fiction

She sat in the damp sand, tears streaming down her cheeks. She shivered as the dark clouds covered the sun siphoning the heat from her soul. The wind whipped her hair into her face—blinding her. She clutched her knees, her tears mingling with the rain. Her heart, shattered to a fine powder lay like dust in on a bare floor. Like a boat smashed upon the rocks, her life lay in shambles at her feet. The waves crashed upon the rocks like dancers in a violent ballet. She ducked her head against the onslaught of the storm, shivering in the wind. She closed her eyes against the sand that flew at her like tiny bullets of glass. The pain so acute she sought only to stifle it. The wind ceased. An eerie quiet filled the air, as if the whole world were holding it’s breath. She stood and stared at the sea as it gentled. It called to her. Come to me, let me wrap you in my loving arms. I can take away the hurt. She stepped to the water’s edge. The waves teased her toes, she wanted to walk into the depths and not stop until she could no longer breathe or feel or want.
Music drifted on the gentling breeze, the familiar song filled her. She stood, knee deep in the cold water. The siren’s song calling to her to drown her pain but the melody pulled her from her misery, reminding her of an other cold night. She turned and started back to shore. A wave crashed over her, knocking her to the sand. Her legs heavy in the wet denim, the waves pushed her down. She couldn’t rise. Panic filled her as the fear brought the realization that she did not want to die. She clawed at the sand. Prayed. The waves shoved her into the jagged rocks. She tried to grab hold, her finger nails ripped as she reached for the promise of salvation. The rocks tore at her skin, bruised her body, cracked against her skull. She cried out as the pain burst in her head and the blackness crept in severing the memories and the pain.


I write suspense with a hot romance and a southern accent. I like strong characters with attitude and charm. Heroines who can rescue themselves and heroes who aren't afraid to love them.