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James Rollins

I love audio books. I am lucky to work a job with a lot of down time. Most days I read or write when things are slow but on days when I really have to work, especially when I’m getting ready for price changes, I listen to books. I suggest anyone who hasn’t tried it to get a couple of audio books and try it. It makes chores more interesting. I’ve used them at home too, especially washing dishes or windows while listening to a book, makes it go faster.

My new favorite author, James Rollins. I just finished listening to “Alter of Eden”. Can we say whew. Wow, what a roller coaster ride. This fast paced, action-adventure-romantic-thriller-suspense had me hanging off the edge of my seat. I am not a science geek but even for me the science was interesting and captured my imagination; it made me want to go out and learn more. He peaked my interest.

James Rollins who holds a doctorate in veterinary medicine understands the science of these animals but doesn’t bog down the reader with too much information. He teases us with just enough facts to increase our interest without boring someone like me. The animals were as much a part of the story as the characters and added a unique dimension to a wonderful story. They were characters in their own right and empowered the story with strong dynamic relationships.

Veterinarian Laura Polk and US Border agent Jack Menard are wonderfully flawed. Their linked past added an other layer of interest and conflict to an already intense situation. Their relationship was believable, their strengths and weaknesses intertwined with their own personal relationships brought me in close and made me fell as if I were a part of their lives. I was anxious and excited for their survival and enjoyed the thrill ride of each event we rounded one curve and barreled headlong into another more intense curve.

The setting, Louisiana with all it’s flavor and primal beauty was the perfect backdrop for this adventure.

This is a combination of the biological/science thriller and romantic-suspense with a bit of action adventure to create a recipe for an amazing story.


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