Family Ties

Family Ties: Book 2: Conall Clan Do not mess with the Conall Clan, you will regret it, if you live long enough. This werewolf/shifter romantic suspense is full of family dynamics, drama and romance. It brings the past and present together with strong characters and intense emotions. This is an edge of your seat suspense thriller that will leave you sitting up to two in … Continue reading Family Ties

Werewolf Sings the Blues by Jennifer Harlow

A punch to the gut, this newest novel by Jennifer Harlow took me by surprise with its intensity. Unlike the other FREAK books, the humor was minimal but the drama and emotion were at a premium. The heroine, Vivian Dahl is a self-described selfish bitch. Words like love, honor and sacrifice aren’t in her vocabulary. With only herself to depend on most of her life, … Continue reading Werewolf Sings the Blues by Jennifer Harlow

My new addiction

Oh my God, I just finished Jennifer Harlow’s Death Takes a Holiday, what an awesome book. I laughed, I cried, I cheered and grumbled and thoroughly enjoyed this book. I want another one, now! Agent Beatrice Alexander is every girl who worried about her weight or being different. She kicks monster butt and has a really sweet heart. And hot guys, I mean an Irish … Continue reading My new addiction