While taking Tina Gerow’s ‘Write Steamy Love Scenes’ for the past two weeks, I looked up romantic words and began writing scenes. Try this yourself. Google romantic or sexy words and see where it takes your writing. She’d never been the adventurous type but his wicked smile incited in her a streak of daring. Adventurous, he turned down a little used back road and parked. … Continue reading Adventurous

What I’ve learned so far

This week I am taking an on-line class with Tina Gerow “Writing Love Scenes”. I find that taking these on-line classes accomplish several tasks at once. First I’m developing writing skills I need to make my writing better. Second I’m developing contacts with other writers to (a) share writing experiences, (b) learn from their writing journeys, (c) making connections with people that might help my … Continue reading What I’ve learned so far