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Counting My Blessings

Count Your Blessings Not Sales

Whenever I start to get depressed because my writing career isn’t taking off like I’d hoped I am reminded of how blessed I am by the people who support me. I never want to forget that you guys— my friends, neighbors, my community and especially my family are right here reading my books, helping promote them, offering encouragement.

While I might not be a best selling author, I’m a well-supported, blessed author and I thank you all for taking the time to read my books, leave reviews, and respond to my posts on social media. I appreciate all of you who have signed up for my newsletter, I will try not to abuse your email boxes and hope you will enjoy learning some of the background information about my town, my characters and my research.

I recently had a giveaway on social media for a couple of gift cards. One for $20 to The Next Chapter Books and Art Store in New Bern, NC, and another for a $10 gift card for Amazon. I chose Amazon because it is universal, and anyone anywhere could use it. The Next Chapter Books and Art Store was chosen for a couple of reasons, one because my books are there, but it is also because of Michelle Flye, the new owner of the bookstore.

Michelle, an author and poet herself bought the bookstore when the former owner was ready to retire. The Next Chapter already had a reputation for supporting local authors but in Michelle’s hands it has become more active. It has become a place where local authors can come and meet with other authors and readers, where they can become known. With the Covid-19 lockdown, Michelle has shut her doors to customers, but she is still taking orders, making deliveries and doing all she can to keep her store viable. Being actively connected to this vibrant hub of creativity and celebration of local talent was important to me and I wanted to let her know how much it meant to me and other like me to keep The Next Chapter going.

I am pleased and excited to announce the winners of the gift certificates.

For the $10 Amazon Card, Stephanie Beers. I was surprised when Stephanie responded to my email because I did not know her email address and it was all I had on the paper. When her photo popped up, I was excited and a little teary to know that she had not only responded to my social media but had signed up for my newsletter. Thank you, Stephanie.

Stephanie is the voice of Jenna in my audio interview with Tar and Jenna I did for Titanium Blue. She isn’t not a writer herself but has supported my writers’ groups both my Word Weavers group and the Pamlico Writers by volunteering at conferences and helping with our bingo fundraiser. Stephanie has been a great friend and is always willing to lend a hand whenever I have some crazy project going on. I’m so thankful she won.

Stephanie: Thank you Ms. Sherri!! Love you!!! We are so proud of you!

Sherri: Oh wow, I didn’t realize it was you Stephanie! I’m so glad! Thank you so much for your support! 

Love you,

Stephanie: Haha yes ma’am♡ I used the gift card to purchase your first book 🙂 since I let Micheala borrow my copy and it moved away. Can’t wait to finish it! 

Congratulations Stephanie!

The winner of the $20 The Next Chapter Gift Certificate is Lisa Gargaro of Capelli Hair Salon in Washington, North Carolina. I’m not sure if this is a sign that I need a makeover, since Stephanie is also a stylist. Is it kismet that both winners were stylists?

Lisa is owner of the famous Capelli Hair Salon in Washington. She is a lovely lady who gives back to her community through her Wigs and Wishes program, providing wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair.

Lisa is a talented writer, poet and watercolor artist and has recently become the grandmother to a beautiful baby girl.

Lisa is a member and officer of the Pamlico Writers’ Group. A former Army mechanic, this versatile lady can do anything. She is the kind of person I want on my team and I am so thankful for her friendship and support.

There were many who supported this giveaway, not to win but to support me and I appreciate all of you. When I looked through the names last night and saw who was there, it meant so much to me to see your names some I recognized others I did not, but I am thankful for each and everyone of you.

You can still sign up for my newsletter, the next one will be going out the end of this month and I’m working on a little short story to give you a taste of my upcoming book. It’s an exclusive for my newsletter so you have to sign up if you want to know the backstory.

Thank you all for your support.–scBNEXJjNgB2BNgqMjLa64yqq43LU2_yx-GO9nKPUo9Shpk

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A Sense of Community

During this trying times I have seen some bad things but I have also seen some amazing things. Most of you who know me know I prefer not to dwell on the negative. We can’t stop the prejudice, the ignorance or the selfishness in others, we can only try to correct it in our own lives. So, instead of worrying about THOSE people, let’s celebrate the people we see doing good things.

People, myself included often complain about the negativity on Facebook and social media, but since the virus outbreak I have seen people trying hard to be positive and encouraging. Even as they pass on information, they try to be positive. I still see an occasional post that makes me hesitate to send it, not because I don’t agree with it but because the way it is worded sounds negative. During this frightening time I do not feel it is the time to lash out at each other, it is a time to come together as best we can, and support each other.

I went to our local restaurant this week to pick-up my take-out order. My husband goes to the drive-through but I decided to go inside. I wanted to check on my friends. People were standing apart three to six feet, but they were still having conversations, still helping their neighbors and even a stranger or two, they were showing more kindness and consideration, and patience. It made me realize that there are still good people and we will get through this together.

I’ve put up a sign on the door to my store no more than three customers at a time please and most people check before entering. People stop to visit a moment, hungry for contact but keep their distance, some have worn gloves, avoided touching doors by using their shirts, elbows or backsides to open them. They are learning to cough into their elbows, wipe their face with their wrists and wash their hands often.

No matter whom I see during the day whether at the store where I work or when I have to run my errands or on social media, the majority is trying to offer support to their friends, family and neighbors through whatever talents they possess.

I, and some of my fellow authors have put their books on sale or even free. My first four ebooks are 99 cents each, Red Steel, my recent release is only $2.99 but I have free ebooks available for anyone who asks. I would love to share them with you!

Chrome Pink

White Gold

Titanium Blue

Evergreen Crystals

Red Steel

Just before the virus outbreak, I took my books to The Next Chapter Book Store in New Bern. Michelle Flye, author and owner of the book store has a fabulous collection of local authors’ books. As an author herself, she is an advocate for indie-authors and she is doing all she can to keep her store going during this frightening time.

In trying to support my community and a bit self-serving as well, I have purchased a gift certificate to The Next Chapter Books and Art Store in New Bern to give away. For my out of state friends, I will also provide an Amazon Gift card. To win, share. Share this post. Share your book links, especially if you are one of Michelle’s authors, shout out your books. Tell people what books you are reading, no matter if they are indie or not. Share pictures of what you are doing during your confinement, or if you are like me, still working, tell us how you are coping. I would like to see a real community built here.

April 15th I will draw a name or email address from those who have commented, shared or posted on my social media, or who signed up for my newsletter. If when I contact you, you are not able to use the store gift certificate, I will send an Amazon gift card and draw again. If that person is also from out of state, I will send another Amazon gift card and choose a local supporter to receive the $20 gift card from The Next Chapter. (Facebook, Twitter nor any other entity is NOT responsible for the outcome of this contest.) Winners will be announced on all of my social media sites. Note: if the first winner drawn is local, I will draw once more for an Amazon Gift Card. You do not have to purchase my books with your card though I hope you are a fan. You do not have to sign up for my newsletter to be added to the drawing either but I hope you will. Let’s be a community.

The Next Chapter Book and Art Store website:

Facebook page

To sign up for my newsletter:

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Back Where It All Started

Join me Tuesday, June 18th, 2019, 7 pm at the Hazel Guilford Memorial Library. Back to where it all started.

I have been writing since I was a kid. I remember writing my first romantic story in fifth grade. I wrote short stories, poems, skits and plays for church and school but my passion has always been fiction, namely romance.

As a teenager, I had a short story published in the Pamlico News, later I became a reporter for the paper, writing up the local happenings. Even with all the writing I was doing, I had boxes full of notebooks in the bottom of my closet, under my bed and stacked on shelves in my tiny office, I shared very little of my writing.

It was only after becoming friends with Alice and Robina Norman, that I became brave enough to share some of what I’d written. Their encouragement gave me the boost to start thinking of doing something more with my passion.

I took classes with Stephan Horvath at Pamlico Community College, took classes by mail, sent off short stories and essays to contests, attended two Romantic Times Readers and Writers Conventions, joined Romance Writers of America and Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, as well as Writers Read NC and Pamlico Writers’ Group. I would still be hiding my work in boxes if not for the support and encouragement of my family and friends.

When Robina and my husband, David teamed up to push me out of my comfort zone, I should have known I’d never be the same again. While I miss those days of writing for my own pleasure, the feeling of accomplishment that comes from seeing your idea in print is priceless.

The support of this community has been humbling. It has meant so much to me to be able to thank each of you for your continued support. I hope you all will join me at the library for another book signing. I’ll share with you my plans for the next part of the Leeward Files and my upcoming Holiday book, where most of the characters get there happy ever after and a few only get a “the end.”

Contests, prizes, readings and books for sale. Come join me where it all began, at the library.

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Drawing for Review

As a thank you to all those who have supported me and leave a review, I will be doing a drawing December 2nd for the charm bracelet and jewelry box I made. Anyone who does a review for White Gold or Chrome Pink is eligible. Just message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook Messenger and let me know your review has gone live and where, then I will put your name in the jar for the drawing. If you do multiple reviews, your name will be added as many times.

Where can you put your reviews? Amazon, Goodreads, Book Bub, on your social media sites. Anywhere other people might read them and choose to try out my books. As an independently published author I need you guys to help get the word out. I am so blessed to have such great friends and family who support my dream of being a published author.

I don’t want to be rich or famous, okay, maybe a little bit rich would be nice. I just want people to read my books. Thank you for your support.

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A Woman of Distinction

My mother-in-law, Verna Hollister and I have not always seen eye to eye. She is a woman of strong passions and convictions, a woman of strength and courage, sometimes that strength can be overwhelming, sometimes it can be amazing. When a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer and began to lose her hair due to chemo and radiation, my mother-in-law decided she needed a show of solidarity. I have never thought my mother-in-law more beautiful nor more courageous than when I saw her without her silver locks. Many cancer victims have no choice but lose their hair or lose their lives. We have all admired Joan Lunden who appeared on a national magazine with all of her bald beauty. This month as we celebrate cancer awareness and strive to make more people aware of cancer, it’s many types, symptoms and cures. Let us do our part for a cure. Give to your local cancer support programs, get tested for breast cancer, colon cancer, prostrate, throat and lung cancer, etc. Know your body and make your doctor aware of changes. Be proactive. May one day soon cancer be no more frightening than the flu but until then, we need warriors like my mother-in-law Verna Hollister who shed her hair to offer courage and hope to a friend. Woman of Distinction 001