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What’s Happening at The Venue

Interview with Christina Howerin

Today I’m with Christina Howerin, the host of the upcoming Valentine’s Popup Vendor Event at the newly opened, The Venue, Main Street, Aurora. Hello, what are you hoping to accomplish with this first vendor event?

Christina:  Hello, thank you so much for being a vendor and this interview!  I recently joined the Aurora Leadership Counsel, and was trying to find a fun way to help local vendors and attract people to come see some of the talent we have here in Aurora.

Sherri: You have several jobs and a couple of independent businesses; how do you juggle everything plus serve on several community organizations?

Christina:  Juggle is the magic word… lol   I work 40 hours weekly for Pamlico County DSS in the food stamp dept.,  I have a vendor booth at The Backyard Bee’s in New Bern,  I recently changed beauty companies.  I am now with VIC Beauty from California and I am also with Park Lane Jewelry.


Sherri: What is the name of your business?

Christina: I was thinking of nicknaming myself Backwoods Barbie.

Sherri: I love it.

Christina: After getting the coffee mug, it just fit.

Sherri: The Venue is the Chamber’s new venture. Are you part of the Chamber of Commerce? Who is handling The Venue rental?

Christina:  I have not yet added the Chamber of Commerce to my “Juggle list” yet.  I will hopefully be doing that soon.  Denise Bonner (252) 670-3711 is a member and she handles the Venue.

Sherri: The town of Aurora has had a bit of a revival lately. It is so good to see the community coming together to make changes. You’re a part of that change.

Christina:  Thank you!  It’s so nice to see people coming together. I invite everyone to come out to any of the Aurora Leadership Council meetings.  Aurora events and happenings can be found on  Make sure to sign up for the “Community Life” newsletter also!

Sherri: I’ve invited my fellow writers from the Pamlico Writers’ Group to bring their books to the Popup Event. Who else is going to be at The Venue?

Christina:  I started the vendor adventure with my former beauty company about a year ago.  I have made some awesome and talented friends.  There will be MT’s Cupcakes, Ms. Mary Jenkins, & Funnels of Love,  we also have Scentsy, East Coast Customs,  2 Creative Sista’s, handmade wood crafts, purses, towels, jewelry, Colorstreet, Tulaxii,  a wide array  

Sherri: You were talking of doing other events; what else do you have in mind?

Christina:  I plan on trying to have a popup once a month.  Next month is set for March 12th. Vendors can sell their items and/ or have a yard sale table.  Space is limited, so first to pay gets a spot.  If interested, please contact me (252) 375-0915 to be added to my Facebook group of vendors.

Plus Pure Romance representative, handcrafted items and jewelry designer, Bridgett Bonner

and more…

Don’t miss this holiday event at The Venue. Find great gift ideas or something for yourself.

I’m so excited to be included in this event.
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Saint John

John has sacrificed his own happiness to ensure the happiness of everyone else his whole life. As the oldest of the Harrell brothers, he believed it was his duty to protect his younger brothers. When Charlie came to him and told him his high school girl friend was pregnant, he left the farm he loved to join the military so Charlie would have a way to support his family. He never asked, he just did what he felt was best.

When he met Willow, he knew she was amazing. He was willing to accept her on whatever terms he could keep her. He knew she wasn’t the typical farmer’s wife, but he didn’t care, he loved her. When his father died, he didn’t ask her to come back to the farm with him. She had a chance to work at one of the most prestigious hospitals, he couldn’t take that from her. He never asked, he just did what he felt was best. He packed up their son, Walker and moved back to the farm to take care of his mother and brothers.

A farmer and a psychiatrist, can they find a place where they both belong?

Will John continue to sacrifice his own happiness to give those he loves what he believes they need, or will he finally learn to ask?

I believe in happy endings, but some take longer to achieve.

It only took them thirty years to get it right.
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The Witness by Nora Roberts

Narrated by Julia Whelan

Teen rebellion should not end in death or running for one’s life. When good girl Elizabeth witnesses the murder of her companions, it is only her quick thinking that allows her to escape.

Armed only with a photographic memory and her high IQ, Elizabeth has to disappear. A dozen years later, Abigail Lowery, a woman of mystery living in a small Ozark town gains the attention of the local Police Chief.

Lowery, a security designer is big on security. She lives alone with a big dog and lots of cameras and fire power. She doesn’t engage with the community. Her home is a fortress and she goes no where without a weapon. Brooks Gleason knows she is scared of something, but he can’t help her if she doesn’t open up.

Fearing the chief is onto her, Abigail considers running again. When she discovers his interest his more personal, she can’t decide what to do, run or make her stand.

As the walls she’s built around her life and heart begin to crumble, Abigail and Brooks face the very real fear that they will be unable to keep each other safe when Abigail once more becomes Elizabeth, the witness.

There is a reason Nora Roberts is Queen of romance. She stays current and relevant to today’s readers. Nora Roberts weaves a spell with her intricate plots and complex characters. The Witness is another example of Ms. Roberts genius and why she still reigns supreme.

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Meneja Tois and Peanut Butter

Meneja-tois and Peanut Butter
A friend stopped by recently and asked if I’d heard any rumors about her. After giving her a dumb look like yeah, I’m supposed to remember a juicy bit of gossip that I’m not in, you’re kidding right? I’m lucky if I remember to put on my underwear most days. I keep deodorant at work just in case I forgot any necessary toiletries. And she’s asking me about some hypothetical rumor? Well another friend was also visiting and she, being younger and more informed proceeded to tell her the latest news she’d heard but I guess her source was pretty accurate because she didn’t even bat a lash.
Now both of these ladies are decades younger, prettier and have more energy and could possibly still have time to get in a little more trouble than me, I’m lucky if I have time for dirty thoughts anymore. But she proceeded to explain that a rumor had started about her and her husband being swingers (they both work all the time) and that they were into meneja tois. Okay y’all I admit, I’ve been married a long time and I have tried some unique things to keep my marriage interesting and we do live in a very small town so I’m sure some of my adventures and a few misadventures have been told here and there. Like I told my husband, the internet wasn’t around when we were having all of our fun but I just added a few of the more interesting adventures to my novels. Don’t go thinking too much y’all I’m not published yet. I remember trying the latest crazy thing touted in the women’s magazines from feathers to peanut butter. FYI peanut butter doesn’t work for oral sex, neither do Halls, just so you know. Not good experiences, don’t ask. If you’re gonna use grease, do not use petroleum base products they break down the latex in condoms, many a redneck was born due to this misconception or is it conception. Remember light oil and if you plan to use those bed sheets ever again, you might want to just invest in a plastic drop cloth. Heck, just do what I do, wait until the kids go to bed and grease down their slip and slide. Be careful and don’t use too much oil and don’t trim your hedges or your neighbors will get quite a show. I think that’s why Ms. Betty moved. Oh well, as for the Menja toi, with several children in the house (best form of birth control I know is to have kids) both of them working, who has time for sex. Multitasking is great but when you’re shaving your legs and talking to your mama on the phone and he’s trying to get a little before work, well, that’s about the only threesome most of us have time for. I remember shouting in the phone, “My I’ll call you back later, I gotta go.” And he’s like, “It’s okay honey, you talk, I got this.” Yeah, he’s got this alright but he’s not finishing without me.
Ready Whip and chocolate syrup I highly recommend, I can’t see a can of Ready Whip even now without getting the silly giggles. If the Piggly Wiggly has a run on Ready Whip well y’all do know I have an empty nest now, as for the peanut butter save it for your sandwich afterwards and don’t forget to call your mom.