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Over 30 Local Authors with Over 100 Titles

Join Us Sunday, November 20th from 1 to 4 pm at the New Bern Farmers Market

Thanks to the efforts of author Sarah Maury Swan, she has brought together an eclectic group of authors and poets for a one-day only sale at the New Bern Farmers Market, 421 South Front Street, New Bern, NC. Sarah was featured on my Creekside Cafe author interviews.

I met Sarah many years ago at a Pamlico Writers’ Conference and later we attended a Carteret Writers’ Meeting together. Sarah is a vibrant woman with so much passion for life and writing that just being around her is inspiring. While many people would make excuses not to do things, Sarah looks for ways to get them accomplished. If she doesn’t know how, she calls on her friends and she has a lot of them which is evident by the number of people who have signed up for this event.

Bill, or W. C. Furney is one of Sarah’s posse, he might even be the sheriff of this motley crew. It is thanks to his efforts that we have the poster with all of our covers. I have used his work to make a few of my own, thanks Bill for helping to promote this event. I am looking forward to a drink with Bill and a chance to pick his brain.

The list of authors attending the Sunday Author Event is astounding. We have authors who are award winning like Sarah and Eileen Lettick, Leslie Tall Manning and Michelle Garren Flye, we have professors, researchers, therapists, poets, leaders in the local arts, and more. Whether you are looking for non-fiction, poetry or genre fiction, something for yourself, your spouse, grandma or your children, we have something for everyone. Come check out our books and get a signed copy for the holidays. I will even have gift wrapping available.

If you are unable to attend the New Bern Farmers Market Authors’ Event, you can still connect with these authors and buy their books through these links.

1*Hope Andersen

2*Mike Barton Fantasy

3* Nathan Black Poetry

4*Phil Bowie Mystery

5* Rosemary Klim Bricker Non-fiction

6*Chris Brown  Self Help

7 *Paloma Capanna Eclectic  

8*Heather Cobham

9*Karen Dodd Eclectic

10 *Bill Furney

11 *Michelle Garren Flye Poetry &

12*Beth Garver Cozy Mystery/Fantasy The Java Tavern Series


13* Diane Gray Non-Fiction finding her birth

14* Sherri Hollister Cozy Mystery

15* Nicole Kerr NF Self Help

16*Deirdre Kiernan PB 

17*Jo Anna Kloster MG

18*Veronica Krug Fantasy

19* Eileen Lettick Children’s; https//

20* Julie Lombard Eclectic

21*Leslie Tall Manning Eclectic

22*Nina Makhatadze Eclectic

23*Barbara McCreary MG Historical

24 *Murinda MacDonald nonfiction

25 * Sue McIntyre: email: 

26 *Cheryl Meola non-fiction

27*Margaret Pollock MG

28*Timothy Reinhardt Fantasy

29* Robert Reinschild/DeForest Shields Fiction https://

30* Natalie Singletary ? Eclectic

31*Blaine Staat Sci-Fi, Dystopian

32*Cyrus Spears (a.k.a. Sirius) Fantasy

33*Sarah Maury Swan Children’s YA & MG

34 *Sev Tok Spiritual

35* Stanley Trice Eclectic

Children’s Books

Hope Andersen

Deirdre Kiernan PB

Jo Anna Dressler Kloster MG

Eileen Lettick MG & YA

Barbara McCreary MG Historical

Margaret Pollock MG

Sarah Maury Swan MG & YA


Paloma Capanna

Karen Dodd

Michelle Garren Flye

Julie Lombard

Nina Makhatadze

Leslie Tall Manning

Sue McIntyre

Natalie Singletary

Stanley Trice



Mike Barton

Veronica Krug

Timothy Reinhardt

Cyrus Spears a.k.a. Sirius

Blaine Staat Sci-Fi, Dystopian


William Charles Furney

Heather Cobham

Robert Reinschild/DeForest Shields


Phil Bowie

Beth Garver

Sherri Lupton Hollister


Memoir, etc.

Rosemary Klim Bricker

Cheryl Meola

Murinda MacDonald


Diane Gray

Self Help

Hope Andersen

Chris Brown

Nicole Kerr


Sev Tok


Nathan Black

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Welcome Dr. Cheryl Meola to Creekside Cafe

Dr. Cheryl Meola, PhD, LCMHCS, NCC

Bio: Cheryl is the founder of Mane Source Counseling and one of the founders of Horses and HEALTH Inc. Before getting her Master’s in counseling, Cheryl was a professional horse trainer, instructor, and intercollegiate coach for 20+ years.

During her Master’s studies at Bridgewater State University, Cheryl started working with a mentor in Equine Assisted Counseling. After moving to North Carolina, she obtained her PhD from East Carolina University and started Mane Source.

Sherri: Welcome Dr. Cheryl Meola, I needed to use you as a resource when I was writing my book Willow’s Retreat. In it, my main character Dr. Willow Rider-Harrell starts a therapeutic ranch with horses as well as other animals trained for therapy. I was surprised when I was doing my research just how many animals make great therapy pets. Is Mane Source Counseling mental health, physical therapy or do you do both?

Dr. Cheryl: Hi, Sherri! I would have loved to collaborate on that, it is my favorite subject!! Animals do so much more than make great therapy pets, they naturally help us connect more with our true selves and allow us a safe space for healing to occur. We do mental health, wellness, and coaching. We are moving toward wellness and coaching as it is a more strengths-based approach to growth, rather than everyone coming in needing to have a diagnosis to obtain services.

Sherri: What is the main focus of your counseling, or does it vary? Do you work with children, vets or those suffering from disabilities?

Dr. Cheryl: In my business, Mane Source Counseling and Coaching, we work with all ages but primarily adults to help them access ways to grow through challenges. Our services are for all levels of wellness, with the except of those who are very acute and need 24/hour care. We also run a non-profit, Horses and HEALTH (Healing Equals Active Learning Through Horses) that specifically offers services to Veterans and their families/caregivers at no cost to them.

Sherri: What is it about working with and just being around animals, especially horses that has a healing effect on most people?

Dr. Cheryl: Horses (or equines as I like to say, since we also have a mini Donkey) have natural aspects that cause them to be very therapeutic for us to spend time around. They are a partnership-based relational prey animal who helps assess our strengths and areas for growth very quickly, to make sure we are a good fit for the herd. They provide us with so much feedback on the way we show up in the world and how our presence affects others. They also give us the chance to mutually grow, as our partnership with them has benefits to both parties.

Sherri: I know I can speak for my many pet owners, especially dog owners. I come home from work tired and ill and my Hazel, a blue pit that is small for her breed, she’s only about 50 pounds, greets me and forces me to love her. After a few minutes with her, I feel better. Does this work with all animals?

Dr. Cheryl: I would guess, yes, however, that’s outside of my scope of knowledge. Animals do not have the same societal standards to live up to and therefore love us/care to be around us for who we are, not what we are, how much we weigh, or what color our skin appears to them. They do, however, discern our moods and intentions, which helps us stay attuned to our inner self more than being around most people.

Sherri: Tell us a little about your book. Who did you write it for?

Dr. Cheryl: So this book, Anxiety: the Joule Thief started as a collection of activities I often incorporated into the therapeutic process with clients. Many of my clients, from high school students to college, to working professionals (nurses, teachers, surgeons, accountants) all suffer from some form of discomfort caused by stress. Some may have a diagnosable Anxiety Disorder, and others are overwhelmed in other ways. As the activities flowed onto the paper, I realized there was an order and connection between what we were doing, and that these could help more people than just the clients who showed up to the office.

Sherri: What answers can someone get from reading your book?

Dr. Cheryl: Great question. The first thing we try to accomplish in this book is to figure out what in your life is SUCKING your energy, and where do you WISH that energy was going. We look at values, obligations, being mindfully present, and ways to understand our energy input and output in the world.

Sherri: What does a person need to do to be one of your clients/patients?

Dr. Cheryl: Most people find us through our website, We now have over 10 clinicians with multiple specialties working at the practice in 3 locations, although we only have equine assisted therapy currently in our Ayden location. Just shoot us an email and we respond to everyone who has a question!

Sherri: Do you have another writing project in the works? What are you working on now?

Dr. Cheryl: I have a book in production with Elsevier Publishing called Integrating Horses into Healing, which is a comprehensive guide to ethically incorporating equines into therapy and coaching practices. I’m very excited for the final product to be out in 2023!!

Sherri: If you enjoyed my interview with Dr. Cheryl Meola, come meet her and the other authors at The New Bern Farmers Market, Sunday, November 20th, from 1 to 4 pm or check out Dr. Cheryl’s information below.

Thank you so much for your time, Sherri, it was lovely to touch base with another author and I look forward to meeting you in person November 20th!!!

Cheryl is the founder of Mane Source Counseling and one of the founders of Horses and HEALTH Inc. Her love of being around horses started very young when she used to catch rides on ponies at her aunt’s farm. At 10, her grandmother Elsie bought her a horse of her own. She worked off her horse’s expenses by cleaning stalls, feeding horses, and teaching lessons all the way through college. Before getting her Master’s in counseling, Cheryl was a professional horse trainer, instructor, and intercollegiate coach for 20+ years.

During her Master’s studies at Bridgewater State University, Cheryl started working with a mentor in Equine Assisted Counseling. After moving to North Carolina, she obtained her PhD from East Carolina University and started Mane Source.

She also facilitates Wellness Coaching for Stress Reduction, Supervision and Consultation for counselors, and continuing education workshops at the farm.

Cheryl is the author of Anxiety~The Joule Thief: How to Take Back Control of Your Life, a guide to prioritizing our energy use and moving from fear-based stress responses to empowered responses. Check out her website for free resources on managing your energy and stress reduction.