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Join My Takeover at Bently’s Book Babes!

Join me for my Takeover and let’s talk about books, writing and the inspiration for my Leeward Files Series.

A rape survivor accused of murdering her dates
must prove her innocence before becoming the next victim.
Plus-sized diva, Dana Windley battles her own
self-image, racism and learns she is the heroine of her own story.
After losing his leg in Afghanistan and battling PTSD, Tar believes he can handle anything in order to get his family back. Fate will test that theory.

Join me in Leeward, North Carolina where everyone knows your name and your business, and will do anything to keep their own secret.

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When Fiction Becomes Real Life

If you have been following the news lately, you know that a little boy in our area disappeared from his home. Several days passed before he was found. Thank God, he was found safe and sound. I do not know the little boy who was missing but I know his family and felt guilty because what I’m writing is so similar to what they were experiencing. I would never wish to profit from someone else’s tragedy, thankfully, this little boy’s story ended on a happy note.

As I continue to work on this story, I hope to show respect to the families who have had to go through this kind of trauma. I hope to honor the first responders and searchers and the volunteers who spent hours away from their homes and their own families. There were a lot of heroes who devoted hours to searching, serving, praying and watching for this little boy’s safe return.

If this true story has showed me anything, it is that there are still good people in this world. The companies who sent food for the searchers and volunteers, those who came out and offered to help, those who prayed and kept the faith. Living in a small town where everyone is connected to each other, it is that connection that inspired me to write my small-town stories. But like the rest of the world, we have our dark side. We must not get complacent and believe tragedy cannot strike here. While we may not be hot bed of criminal enterprise here in eastern North Carolina, the bad stuff still reaches out to touch occasionally. I’m rejoicing over a little boy I do not know while plotting the peril of a fictional character but don’t worry readers, I believe in happy endings.