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To Take Your Mind off the Virus and Politics, How about a Game of Bingo

What have you read lately? Can you cover the whole card?
Share the books you’ve been reading in the comments and I’ll share mine.
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Hunted by Karen Robards (audio)

I enjoy audio books when I’m too busy to sit down and actually read a book. This 2013 Brilliance Audio is one of my favorites. Macleod Andrews and Cassandra Campbell give an excellent performance.
Robards weaves an exciting story set in the sultry heat of New Orleans where the rules, the music, the food and the way of life are all a blend of right and wrong, overindulgence and unique flavors.
When New Orleans police officers are linked to several unexplained murders. Teenage street toughs Holly and Ant Baynard, trying to discover who murdered their mother find themselves at the mercy of the only good cop they know. Detective Reed Ware takes the rich and powerful of New Orleans hostage on Christmas Eve making everyone fear he has lost his mind. When the daughter of police superintendent, hostage negotiator, Caroline Wallace is brought in, the tables turn.
The question Christmas day is who is now in control. As Reed and Wallace try to rescue the boys, uncover the murder ring and survive to celebrate the New Year, sparks fly. Add in the sexual tension, a young girls unrequited love, mourning, family dysfunction and the fragile hope for the future in the hands of a pair of hard headed cajuns. If they survive Christmas they might have a future together.
I love a good suspense/thriller with a rocking romance and this one turns up the heat cajun style. So if you like it fast and spicy with a southern accent, this is a great audio book but if you’re not interested in listening, it is definitely worth reading. Karen Robards knows how to write a thiller that has you scooting to the edge of your seat. She keeps you guessing until the end who the bad guys are, who will triumph and who will survive. If you like sexy, thrilling, police action and attitude, this one has it all.