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RWA 2020 Virtual Conference Day One

It’s day two of RWA’s virtual writer’s conference. I have dreamed of attending a Romance Writer’s of America conference for years but never expected my first one to be online. Thank you, Covid-19. Our world changed this year but as librarian keynote speaker, Virginia Kantra said, the need for stories hasn’t changed. We shouldn’t wait until we’re dead for someone else to tell our story. If you are a writer or a storyteller, tell your story now.

“Use your words. Find your voice. Don’t be afraid to share yourself, to tell your story. Your experience matters.” I felt Virginia was speaking straight to me. For years I’ve ducked my head afraid to speak. I felt no one wanted to hear what I had to say. I wasn’t even sure what it was I wanted to say. Who am I and why does my story matter?

Each time I brave a new crowd whether it is online or in person, I discover many people feel the same way I do. They want to be heard but they are unsure of the message they want to deliver. They want to think about it and speak with care often losing their opportunity to voice their views. As writers we can tell our side through our characters’ perspective. We can show readers our stories without preaching. We don’t have to raise our voices to be heard over the crowd because in the silence of the pages a whisper has much greater impact.

If you are a writer and you don’t have a writers’ group, you need one. Whether it is online or in person, a writer’s group offers support and a sense of community to what is a very lonely profession. I joined the Romance Writer’s of America in 2009 after attending a Romantic Times Convention. I was lucky enough to have been chosen for the first Ann Peach Scholarship for New Writers where I met the late author, Judi McCoy. She encouraged us to believe in ourselves, our craft and to find others who shared our passion. With a love of romance, I joined RWA and later the Heart of Carolina, our local chapter. I also went in search of a writer’s group closer to home and found the Pamlico Writer’s Group.

Well, I should get ready for my next program, I’m hosting a Writer’s Block Meet Up. Do you suffer from writer’s block?  

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The Power of a Tribe

Writers are solo in their endeavor to create but most of us know that being a part of a group, a tribe, gives you more power. As a young writer learning the craft I was thankful to find people willing to read my work, guide me and give me the tools to become a better writer. This is still a work in progress.

I have told the story often of my friend, library manager Robina Norman who pushed me out of my comfortable writing cave into discovering others who shared my passion. From a Carteret Writers contest to the Pamlico Writer’s Group, to my first Romantic Times Convention, and my second, winning the Ann Peach Scholarship, to joining Romance Writers of America, the Heart of Carolina and finding my mentor, Marni Graff, all of this started by sharing my work with one person.

I would not be a published author without all of these people who have held my hand, dried my tears and gave me that swift kick in the tushy when needed. I found my tribe.

Through the Pamlico Writers group I found another writer sister, Tammera Cooper. Tammy has helped guide me through the next phase of my career, Marketing. With her background in retail marketing she has a grasp of how to get the word out about her books. Tagging along behind her, she has led me to a few Facebook groups who have become awesome assets.

Dragonfly Ink Author Support and Dakota Willnik are an awesome asset for any writer but especially an indie author just learning how to market her books. If you are an author, check out this group, you won’t be sorry.

“We have 65 participating authors, making a total of $650. 100% of the money paid by authors goes to the promo. There is no up-charge. People have asked me why I do this, and the answer is simple – I benefit from doing this because I gain followers just like you do. It’s easier to gain followers in a group effort than it is to do it alone.” Dakota’s dedication to providing opportunities like this has helped many authors gain followers. It’s a lot of work, especially for Dakota but the benefits are amazing.

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