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Song Challenge
Logan spun tires out of the driveway. Anger rode him hard. “Damn that girl.” She’d been on his brain ever since he met her. What should have been a one night stand or rather a week end of sex and fun had turned in to something else. “I must be crazy, I’m on Ozzie’s train and damn that girl.” His foot shoved down on the gas pedal rocketing him out of town. “I should have dragged her into my truck and forced her to listen to me. Damn her.”
The hurt in her eyes when she saw him with Todd squeezed his heart. “She’s such a tough girl but..” But she looked so vulnerable. He knew there was a history with Todd. Todd had said as much. But the look on her face. He didn’t believe it was a simple case of unrequited love as Todd had insinuated. “No there was something else.” He sighed. “Not that I have a lot of choice.” Birdsong Construction was in trouble. The economy was ripping the foundation out from under the business his step-father had worked so hard to build. “I can’t let the family down. I really can’t let Sam down.” He felt like that boy again. That little boy trying so hard to be the man his father never was. The twelve year old boy who felt it was his job to save his family. His dad had run off, again. His mom was sick. The girls were hungry and scared. He’d been scared too. God he’d been so scared. When he’d come upon the construction crew he’d never guessed that they would change his life. For the better. Sam had let him work that summer. He’d taught him all about real work and real men. Something he’d never forget and would spend the rest of his life trying to repay. “Rae was just going to have to realize that business was business.” Logan growled.
And if she couldn’t or wouldn’t? He wondered. Could he give her up? Could he forget her? “Damn she’d gotten under his skin.” He felt angry and unsettle like that young boy again. He did not like that feeling. The lack of control. The fear. The longing for something just out of his reach. She was an obsession.
He turned the radio louder and sang off key as the truck bounced over the rough road. “51-50 somebody call the Po-po, I’m going crazy. Got to have you baby.”
“This is going to be my theme song.” He grumbled and sang louder.