Creekside Cafe

In my imaginary world I own a small coffee shop over looking South Creek just off the Pamlico River. A wide veranda surrounds the shop allowing customers to sit outside on warm, pretty days, and sip their drinks while sea gulls swoop down to gather their breakfast and cicadas sing their goodnight song. In my cozy cafe, I entertain writers, poets and other interesting people, and I share their stories with you, my readers and friends.

So come on in out of the chill January air, have a hot cup of coffee, or maybe some cider or tea, choose something sweet from the bakery, and let the warmth of friendship surround you. Have a seat in front of the old wood stove in one of the big, comfortable rocking chairs, or at one of the eclectic wooden tables painted in all my favorite colors. We can watch the water as the wind whips up the waves into frothy white caps. The huge windows face the creek and give the feeling of being out doors, even while the fire burns in the stove. Set back and relax and tell me about yourself.

What have you been reading lately? I just finished “Sarah the Bold,” a middle grade novel of a young black girl who travels back to 1765. It’s a fabulous story for children or adults. What would you miss if you were tossed back in time? What would your life be like in 1765? If you are a woman or a girl, it would be very different than today. If you are black, your very life could be in peril. Sarah is only eleven years old. This story will make you think and feel. The author, Eileen Lettick did a marvelous job of depicting the time period and Sarah’s alienation.