Creekside Cafe

In my imaginary world I own a small coffee shop over looking South Creek just off the Pamlico River. A wide veranda surrounds the shop allowing customers to sit outside on warm, pretty days, and sip their drinks while sea gulls swoop down to gather their breakfast and cicadas sing their goodnight song. In my cozy cafe, I entertain writers, poets and other interesting people, and I share their stories with you, my readers and friends.

So come on in out of a steamy summer day, have a glass of something cold, and maybe choose something sweet from the bakery, and let the breeze from the river and the balm of friendship surround you. Have a seat under the ceiling fan in one of the big, comfortable rocking chairs, or at one of the eclectic wooden tables painted in all my favorite colors. We can watch the water and pray for a cooling breeze. The huge windows face the creek and give the feeling of being out doors, even while the air conditioning eases the heat. Set back and relax and tell me about yourself.

Just leave a message here on my website or email me at

What have you been reading lately? I’ve experienced several wonderful books: Tammera Cooper’s second book Sleeping Mallows. You can find the review on my website as well as my earlier interview with Tammera right here at the cafe.

I’ve also discovered some wonderful new authors you may be interested in checking out: Nancee Cain, Marie Savage, Charles Sheehan-Miles, and H C Bentley. Keep a look out for their reviews and interviews.

How about you, would you like to be featured on Creekside Cafe? You don’t have to be a published author, you just have to love reading or writing.

Send me a message, I’d love to hear from you.

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