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The Trackers Series by Nicholas Sansbury Smith

This was an awesome series, probably not the best books to listen to in the middle of a pandemic but I truly enjoyed them. I’m not sure if part of the enjoyment wasn’t sharing the experience with one of my sons but I thoroughly enjoyed the audiobook series. It made me want to be a prepper and get away from the east coast but other than that, I enjoyed it.

Most dystopian novels start after the event when the world is already destroyed and nearly barbaric. Smith gives readers a fresh take on things by starting with the incident that sets the world back. When an EMP strike is launched on the US, it is up to a few brave soldiers and politicians to bring the world back.
The Tracker has almost super-powers as a former Marine and native American he uses his knowledge and training to help others. His personal growth throughout the series shows a troubled young man who returns from war scarred and angry, but he grows to be a leader and a man of honor.


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