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Creekside Cafe Chat with Erotica Author, J A Martin

Welcome to Creekside Café author, J A Martin. It’s so good to have you here.

JA: Thank you, Sherri, it’s wonderful to be here. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you.

Sherri: Your published work is mostly erotica, but you write other stuff as well. Tell us about your work.

JA: I focus mainly in different areas of erotica, billing myself mostly as Sexual Fantasy Erotica, but I have stories currently working that are softer than what my readers would normally expect from me.

Sherri: J A and I met through the Shameless Self-Promo group on Twitter. This has been a wonderfully supportive group. Most of y’all have been together for a while, I’m a bit of an interloper, you all do a blog together, is that right?

JA:  Yes, I joined a blog started by CS Ratliff and Natalie Bartley called Legends of the Veil. It used to be called Curse of the Fallen.  It is a collection of stories told by different legends, mythological figures from first person perspective, part of which is our stories based on interaction with each other, and part of it is our beginnings, what history got wrong. It is in its third month and I am very excited about where the story is headed.  I voice Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.

Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons

Sherri: In your bio on Amazon you said you enjoyed exploring the sensual erotic stories more so than writing crime fiction. Is crime fiction another passion?

JA: It was for a time when I was still trying to get published traditionally.  I grew dissatisfied with that genre, and with the traditional publishing process, and so I pivoted and turned to erotica. I may at some point meld the two together and turn them into erotic thrillers. We’ll see.

Sherri: Your stories empower women to make their own path in sex as well as in life. Is this your way of empowering women?

JA: Yes, I believe in total sexual freedom for all, as long as they are consenting adults.  I have known since I was 14 that I am bisexual, and it took me ten years to finally tell people.  My family and friends have been very supportive, I was lucky in that respect. 

All of the characters in my stories, both women and men, choose the sexual adventures they wish to have, and there are no victims. There is no dubious consent.  Even in my tale, “Taking Dicktation” which has blackmail, she chooses to go through with her task and asks him “What do you not want done to your body?”  I make it clear that she has chosen to give him the opportunity to negotiate his parameters, and make clear to him and to the reader, that she still has control.

Sexy woman in lingerie and wearing a business jacket

Sherri: Have you always been a writer? When did you start writing? When did you first publish?

JA: I have been writing since I was ten years old.  My fourth grade teacher would write a sentence on the chalkboard every Friday and we would write for five minutes, and then pass the paper to the front or back or right or left, and then keep writing on the paper and then hand it off again after five minutes, she called it Train of Thought.  I wrote in High School, and in College, at Columbia College of Chicago, I studied the Story Workshop Writing method for two years.  I wrote and published my first erotica story, “As You Wish” on June 7th, 2019. 

Sherri: What has been the most difficult lesson on your writing/publishing journey?

JA: A big part of self-published writing is doing everything yourself, so I don’t know everything, even now a year later. I think the hard part is finding the balance between time writing, time connecting with other writers and time marketing.  I am still working on this delicate balance, as there’s a steep learning curve.

Sherri: Are you indie-published or with a traditional publisher?

JA: Indie, and I am really happy about that, especially now, because I take a lot of chances with my work. I write stories I feel need to be told even if they won’t be mainstream popular.  A good example of that is my new one Spread Your Thighs for Kevin, which is a Bisexual, Hotwife, Wife Swap, Pegging adventure, which is sexually fluid for men and for women.

sexy young girl with big breasts in pink black lingerie

Sherri: What have you learned recently that you wish you’d known sooner?

JA: Spacing of books.  I started out writing two a week for a few months which was good in the way that getting my work out there faster, and getting more stories for my readers to read, but it went so fast that some of my books were overlooked in favor of others.  I have since slowed down and publish once every three weeks or four weeks.  Also, my stories are a little longer now.

Sherri: Are you a member of any writing groups? Do you believe in writers’ groups?

JA: I belong to two writers’ groups, Sherri.  The one I am in with you, Shameless Promo, and the other one is for erotica authors and is called, Cum Burglars.  Yep. That’s the name.  Yes, I do believe in writers’ groups, they offer much-needed support both for staying motivated to write and backing each other up, and it’s a lot more than retweeting each other’s work.  I have a lot of amazing friends in both groups and for that I am truly blessed.

Sherri: What are you working on now?

JA: I am working on a few things right now.  One is an erotic pirate romance called Surrender the Booty.  Another is an erotic romance about two people who want each other but find it difficult to tell each other, called Just You and I.  Third is a BDSM romance called Giving Her a Hard Time which I am co-authoring with a male writer in the lifestyle.

Sherri: You have a new book coming out, tell us about it.

JA: My next one to be released is another fun one, a bisexual hotwife throuple story called Tales of a Wicked Boy Slut.  Jordan is a male dancer who is unsure of his sexuality whether or not he is straight. When a married couple moves into his neighborhood and then shows up in his club, he doesn’t know if he is more attracted to the wife or her husband, and he lets them seduce him, playing hard to get all the way, as much as they allow. This will be a trilogy, released roughly three weeks apart.

Sherri: If you liked this interview be sure and follow J A Martin on social media and check out her books, the links are below. Y’all come back soon.

Fine art close-up black and white portrait of beautiful young man turning toward viewer -Amazon Bookshelf Link Your Thighs for Kevin -Naughty Nanny Chronicles My Toy -Curse of the Fallen now called Legends of the Veil, this is our mythological figure blog.  Natalie Bartley, who is also a member of our Shameless Promo group, voices Medea in this blog, while I voice Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.  Corey Ratliff (CS) voiced Lycaon, and now voices Merlin.  He started this blog for all of us a few months ago. He and Natalie are Adminstrators of it.  


I write suspense with a hot romance and a southern accent. I like strong characters with attitude and charm. Heroines who can rescue themselves and heroes who aren't afraid to love them.