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Sarra Cannon’s HB90 Bootcamp

Many of you know I recently took Sarra Cannon’s Publish and Thrive course followed by her HB90 program. I have talked a lot about how much I love Sarra’s YouTube videos but they are only a small part of what she offers in her course study.

Sarra is getting ready to offer her HB90 program again. It starts Sunday, June 14th and goes through June 20th. This started out as a three-day program but Sarra expanded it to seven days. I took the seven day course and honestly, there is so much to learn, she may have to expand the program again.

One of the great things about signing up for Sarra’s courses is being part of her family. She has not only her YouTube videos for Heart Breathings but she has started doing live programs three days a week where she reads some of her work, answers questions or just offers a respite from life. This has been especially uplifting during this time of Covid-19. Sara also has Private Facebook groups that are specific to her HB90 and her Publish and Thrive courses. These are set up to help students help each other as well as for Sarra to continue to stay connected with her former students. It has become a big family of writers who support and encourage each other. If that isn’t enough, you, as an alumni of Sarra’s courses are invited to attend each time she offers the classes allowing you to take a refresher course for free, be updated on the newest, most relevant information and have another dose of Sarra.

Sarra is the most uplifting and inspiring person you will meet. She shares her struggles and allows you to see inside to the person behind her stories and business. She makes you, the entrepreneur, feel that you matter and with hard work all things are possible.

Who is HB90 for? Anyone who needs to learn to take things one day at a time. Sarra teaches us to accomplish our goals in 90-day increments. She gives us tools to help us stay focused on the tasks we want to accomplish. The HB90 is a quarterly approach to goal setting that is broken down into bite-sized pieces.

My HB90 Board

If you are like me and want to do everything RIGHT NOW but know you can’t, this program will help you learn how to prioritize your goals, set the tasks to accomplish them and how to deal with it if you do not. Sarra isn’t about beating yourself up, she wants you to succeed and teaches you how to find what works best for YOU.

You can enroll using my affiliate link.

My Affiliate Link:

The course is open for enrollment now, the cost is $199.

Course Information: Enrollment is open now, so feel free to start sharing!

Course Dates This Round:

Sunday, June 14th through June 20th with only one live call on the 15th.

There is no closing call for the current course.

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