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Some Like It Scandalous

Some Like It Scandalous By Maya Rodale

Narrated by Charlotte North

Ugly Duckling Daisy Swann finds herself engaged to her sworn enemy, Theodore Prescott the Third.

Theodore, one of the spoiled rogues of Manhattan’s elite has finally done it. He has pushed his father too far with his antics and the only way out of his current predicament is marry a woman above reproof, one like Daisy Swann. Daisy is the last woman he wants to marry, she sees right through him and makes him feel weak and foolish.

Theodore’s father and Daisy’s mother have conspired to bring the two of them together. Each parent has their own agenda. They just want to save their children and believe marriage is the way to do it.

But Daisy isn’t exactly what his father and society believes her to be, she is so much more. Educated with dreams of being her own woman, Daisy has no desire to marry a man who is only a pretty face.

When they realize their parents are just going to keep throwing them together, they decide to fake their engagement. True to the romance genre, these two soon discover they were wrong about each other and find themselves falling in love for real. BUT…. There was a reason Daisy’s mother was pushing her to marry and her world implodes threatening to destroy all she has worked so hard to create and the new-found love she and Theo have just discovered.

The Gilded Age Manhattan series is modern women in a historical setting. It is more than romance, it is the power of women.

Charlotte North is one of my favorite narrators. Her voice is the perfect sound track for Maya Rodale’s historical romance series.


I write suspense with a hot romance and a southern accent. I like strong characters with attitude and charm. Heroines who can rescue themselves and heroes who aren't afraid to love them.