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Some of my favorite things: Audiobooks, Pirates and Surprising Heroes!

The Duke with the Dragon Tattoo by Kerrigan Byrne narrated by Derek Perkins

Lorelai has lived her life with just the sweet memory of a kiss from the man who no memory of his own. A rescuer of all broken creatures it was no surprise when fourteen-year-old Lorelai demanded her father and brother allow her to save the man who dragged himself out of a mass grave.

Even without his memory, The Rook was a leader of men. When he returns for Lorelai, he is even more broken than before, but she still has the power to piece him back together again.

This had a little bit of a rough transition for me, but I am so glad I kept listening because it really is an awesome story. A story of redemption, second chances and life and love. A story of strength and friendship, and the power of love. A fabulous story.

Derek Perkins is a fantastic narrator. If you like your romances with a little odd twist, less than perfect characters and truly wonderful relationships (not just the romance), this is a must read. If you are like me and love audiobooks, anything with Derek Perkins narrating will be awesome but for a fantastic story of pirates and heroes, I’ll be looking for more Kerrigan Byrne.


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