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Neanderthal Seeks Human, Audiobook Review

Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid, Narrated by Jennifer Grace

This delightful romantic comedy is just what the doctor ordered for a dreary winter day. An audible delight that is worth a second or even a third or fourth listen.

The worst day ever for Janie Morris might be the catalyst for a new beginning. After losing her boyfriend, her apartment and her job all in the same day…not to mention the bathroom is out of toilet paper. Oh, and it gets worse.

Janie, who has a bad habit of spouting inconsequential trivia whenever nervous has just found herself being escorted from the building by her lust-filled fantasy security guard and she cannot shut up. But Quinn Sullivan is more than the Sir McHotpants of her dreams. He seems destined to be rescuer.

When he arranges for her to get an interview for an amazing job, she is ill-prepared for the chain of events that will follow. The work she can handle it is all the social things she messes up.

I love the awkward and uncomfortable moments that seem to be perfectly romantic for this crazy pair.

Janie’s family takes all the fun out of dysfunctional but they add a little twist to this sweet romantic comedy.

This was great insight into the earlier works of Penny Reid, you will remember, her Winston Brother series. She is truly awesome!


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