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Beard in Mind by Penny Reid

Narrated by Chris Brinkley and Angela Dawe

Winston Brothers Book 4

Beau is the good twin. The handsome twin. The nice twin. So why is he channeling his twin brother Duane when dealing with the female mechanic, Shelly Sullivan? She’s rude. She’s sarcastic. He doesn’t like her. So why can’t he get the painfully beautiful woman out of his mind?

He’s lived a charmed life, or so everyone thinks. He’s charming and kind. He’ll do anything for anyone. But his charm is as much a façade as his brother’s anger. It is his armor in a world of bikers, deadbeat, abusive fathers and unkind folks. His smile and his kindness disarms the unwary, they think he’s weak and easy to manipulate.

Shelly, like his brother Duane suffers fools lightly. As Duane prepares to leave with Jessica to travel the world, Beau must learn to be a solo act, unless Shelly Sullivan decides to stick around.

When the Winston brothers fall in love, they fall hard and fast. Beau didn’t want to fall for the prickly mechanic but the more he learns about Shelly, the more amazing she is.

My mechanic husband could fall for a woman like Shelly Sullivan, gorgeous, artistic, drives fast and knows her way around a car.

Penny Reid creates characters that feel real. They are flawed, but often their beauty and strength comes from their flaws. She fashioned the perfect, imperfect woman for Beau. One that was more impressed with his goodness than his looks. Someone who needed him but also wanted him to need her. Of all the heroines, I think Shelly Sullivan might be my favorite but Penny Reid makes it difficult to choose.

Have you read the Winston Brother Series yet? Why not? Don’t like beards? Oh, honey, let me tell you what a beard can do…


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