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Acquiring Analise

K and S Securities Series by A J Andersen

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It is difficult to imagine that this is only A J Andersen’s second book. As with Finding Faye, Andersen knows how to hit all the right notes.

The relationship between Ana and X is sizzling. At first, I had a little difficulty with the way she left him but getting into the story, it all falls into place. Neither Analise nor Xavier had a traditional upbringing. Both carry a lot of baggage from the parents. The fact that they are such strong, caring people despite the monsters that raised them is an awesome testament to their character.

Family isn’t just blood, it is the people you choose to be in your corner. The people who have your back when all hell is breaking loose. Travis and Blake, and the men and women of K and S Securities are finding a home in Vegas with Xavier Cerelli, and his chosen people. Faye and Ana are bringing together a group of women who will be the strength and backbone of this new family. Bonded together by their desire to take down the older Cerelli gang, these men and women prove they are not only survivors, but they will thrive even in the shadow of evil.

The relationships, passion and action keep this story moving and leaves the reader wanting to know what happens next. A J Andersen is a new author on the rise. Y’all will want to put her books at the top of your TBR pile.


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