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Interview at Creekside Cafe with Donna Steele

In lieu of new author interviews during the weeks leading to Thanksgiving, I’d like to thank the authors who first gave me a chance to interview them for my Creekside Cafe. Donna Steele was my first interview and I’d like to take a moment to honor her kindness and friendship as well as update her interview. Those of you who read the original interview, thank you, I hope you enjoy the new additions. To those who missed it, this is how it all began.

Interview with contemporary romance author, Donna Steele, Women strong enough for love is the theme of her stories.

Happy Martin Luther King’s day. It’s cool on the river in January and today is downright cold. But it’s a beautiful, sunny day. When the sun is shining in through the windows of the café and a there’s a fire burning in the old wood heater, we can grab a big mug of something warm, and visit with a good friend, everything is cozy.

My guest today is Donna Steele. We’re sipping hot Russian tea with a little extra ginger. I love ginger. It’s really warming. Great for a day like today. What a great idea Donna. We are here in my virtual café looking out at South Creek.

Donna Steele is the author of twenty-five books from Sci-fi romance to contemporary. We are both members of the Romance Writers of America and the local branch, Heart of Carolina. Welcome to Creekside.

Donna: It’s nice to be here.

Sherri: I have to say, I’m impressed. How did you manage to write twenty-five books?

Donna: Lots of Sundrop. That’s my caffeine of choice. I’ve been writing for over ten years. I started with fanfiction. I’ve been published for seven. I’m now retired and I can devote more time to my writing. I wake up around 6 am, start writing about 7:30. I try to write until noon. If the words are flowing it might go a little longer but usually the juice seems to cut off about then.

Sherri: I read your book Cancun Memories and recently started your newest book, Don’t Look Back, The Conall Clan series, I love your characters. You have a great way with dialogue. Where did you learn to write such great dialogue?

Donna: I love writing dialogue. Stephen King is one of my favorite authors. His dialogue reads like people are really talking. When I’m reading one of his books, I even dream about them. I think he has been the biggest influence on my writing. His characters are definitely three dimensional.

Sherri: Stephen King is one of your favorite authors? Who else do you like to read?

Donna: I read any fiction—sci-fi has always been my go-to, then paranormal. I prefer contemporary to historical, but now authors are giving those women strength. Sherri Tepper, Larry Niven, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and I’m getting so many more by reading local authors in HCRW.

Sherri: I’ve started reading more variety. If you could suggest one book to a reader, what would it be?

Donna: Gibbon’s Decline and Fall by Sherri Tepper should be required reading for every woman.

This is from the description of Gibbons – A wave of fundamentalism is sweeping across the globe as the millennium approaches, and a power-hungry presidential candidate sees his ticket to success in making an example out of a teenage girl who abandoned her infant in a Dumpster.

She’s an incredible feminist writer.

Sherri: Your own characters, especially the females are strong women. Often, they are stronger than they realize. Your newest book is the first in a shape shifter series. It’s a bit of suspense, romance and paranormal. Tell us about it.

Donna: Megan Sullivan is trying desperately to escape her stalker. When Detective Wesley Conall suggest she move, at least temporarily, to Sweetwater, North Carolina to disappear, it sounds like a plausible idea.

Lou Conall, Sheriff in Sweetwater, is less than enthused when his cousin foists a victim on him, but he can’t say no to a woman or child that needs protecting. This one shouldn’t be that much of a bother and no way could her stalker track her to this location.

At least that’s what he think until he meet her.

Sherri: I have to laugh because you start it off with a bang. Poor Lou doesn’t see her coming.

 Of your twenty-five books, you are both traditionally published and indie published. What do you think is the hardest thing about publishing a book?

Donna: I’m a Hybrid author. I was with Rebel Ink until they closed, now I’m with Soul Mate Publishing and Indie. The hardest thing about publishing a book is advertising it once it’s finished. There’s so much competition it’s hard to get people to see yours in the crowd.

Sherri: So true. So where can readers find your books?

Donna: Everything is at Amazon –

And Don’t Look Back will remain on sale for $.99 through January. Book two Family Ties, comes out February 1  –

Sherri: for more information about Donna Steele  check out her webpage –

I have read a reviewed all of Donna’s Conall Clan series except the last which I will be starting soon.

Thank you all for joining us.

Low-Calorie, Slow-Cooker Russian Tea recipe:

One pot steeped, strong tea, discard tea bags and add to slow cooker


3-cups orange juice

1-cup lemon juice

I don’t measure the spices, I like a lot of spice



Cinnamon sticks

When ready to serve, strain and put into pot to keep warm

Sweeten to taste with preferred sweetner. (I prefer honey)

Garnish with orange slice


I write suspense with a hot romance and a southern accent. I like strong characters with attitude and charm. Heroines who can rescue themselves and heroes who aren't afraid to love them.

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  2. Good interview. Donna’s books sound interesting and make me want to check them out. I also loved the list of writers she reads. For both readers and writers it gives us ideas of more authors to check out.
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