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Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh, read by Justine Eyre

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Vampire hunter Elena Deveraux is the best at what she does but she’s not prepared for the Archangel Raphael or the mission he has for her.

In a world where the monsters are real, and vampires and angels are interdependent upon each other, a human has little chance of survival. Thankfully, Elena is a little more than human. A born hunter, she heals faster and has a greater ability to hunt, smell, and decipher clues than a regular human.

The sexual chemistry between Elena and Raphael threatens to set the city of New York against itself. He is the most powerful being in New York city and she is the estranged daughter of one of its wealthiest families, both are haunted by nightmares.

Raphael is in danger of becoming one of the monsters. Falling in love with Elena could mean the loss of his mortality. Could one’s weakness bring greater strength? As their romance heats up so does the case that brought them together. The two risk everything, including their own lives to stop a true monster and rescue a city endangered by darkness.

The twist of fate that Nalini Singh creates at the end of this story is truly a stunning feat of fictional writing. I loved it. This is an action adventure paranormal, with tough, strong, dynamic characters. I am in awe of Nalini, her craft, style and fictional world.

Justine Eyre is a fabulous narrator, I’ve enjoyed her reading of several different books. Her reading of Angels’ Blood was fantastic. She brought the characters to life and made it seem as if I were inside the book. I could see, hear and feel the world around me. Justine was a great choice for this work and added another layer to the entertainment.


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