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Discovering a New Author

I belong to several on-line groups both on Facebook and Instagram, through these groups I’ve been exposed to new authors. Some authors’ books have been suggested by fellow members of the group and others are members of the groups themselves. I found Clara Winter while we were both participating in a writers’ loop. In the loop we follow each other, check out each other’s posts, social media, etc. I liked her posts and found myself intrigued by her books.

King of Kings is the third book in her Immortal Kindred Series, and I know, starting a series with the third book can be difficult at best and complete chaos at worst. Clara Winter did an excellent job of making King of Kings stand on its own. While now I want to go back and read the first two books, I didn’t feel as if I missed anything with starting with this third book.

King of Kings was more than I thought it would be. From the very beginning it was a very “sexy” book. Not sexual, but sensual. Even before the sex/lovemaking begins, there is a sexiness to this book that pulls you in. It starts with action, and while this action is in the past, it doesn’t cause the story to lag. You get Alexandre’s backstory while being a part of it in interesting glimpses and heart-pounding action.

Alexandre is difficult to like but I fell in love with him from the beginning. He is a bit insolent but he’s deeper than he allows people to see at first. When he is contacted by the very tough Irish woman, Bria, you know that sparks are going to fly. While I didn’t see a romance blooming, I definitely saw some fun moments of clashing wills and personalities.

The history, mythology, action, adventure and fantasy that make up this book is worth the price of admission. I could see this as a movie. I want to see it on the big screen!

If you haven’t discovered Clara Winter yet, you are missing out. This book isn’t just about vampires, it’s a whole lot more. I cannot believe this is only her third novel, she writes like she’s been doing this all of her life. I am in awe and green with envy. Excellent book.

If you like action, adventure, monsters, mythology, history, vampires, romance, relationships, strong characters, women who kick-a$$ and take names, then check out this book. I’ve got to get a bigger book allowance!


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