The Wallflower Wager

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The Wallflower Wager by Tessa Dare, Narrated by Mary Jane Wells  (Audible)

Girl Meets Duke series, but this girl, Lady Penelope Campion meets Mr. Gabriel Duke, known as the Duke of Ruin.

The wealthy Duke is known for being ruthless in his business dealings with the ton. He cares for nothing but what will make him a penny. Having grown up with nothing, Gabriel has no time for sentiment and little patience for his lovely neighbor’s unique menagerie. He is concerned only with how it will affect the cost of the house he is renovating.

Penny cares nothing for wealth or progress, fashion or even society. She is loyal to her friends both two-legged and four, furry, feathered or simply hairy. She has never been interested in a man and is surprised by her reaction to Gabriel. She falls into lust with him when she comes upon him right after his bath, having invaded his room when trying to rescue her foul-mouthed fowl.

Tessa Dare delights readers with humor, sexy characters and plot twists.

When Penny fears she will be sent away from London and the home she has carved for herself, she joins forces with her neighbor to rehome her animals and attempts to rejoin society.

Gabriel Duke is the least likely hero, but he really sees Penny and he is honest with her. Their romance is a bit of surprise to everyone but the reader, we could see they belong together. A lovely story of misfits and finding your perfect fit. It is one of the reasons I love romance, everyone deserves their happy ever after.


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