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Another Mallory Novel by Joanna Lindsey

Beautiful Tempest by Joanna Lindsey

While at my local library looking for research books, I saw Joanna Lindsey’s latest Mallory Novel on display. A long time Lindsey fan, I couldn’t resist seeing what the Mallory family was up to in the next generation.

Having read Judy’s romance, I was eager to read Jack’s.

If you are like me you know you should not find getting kidnapped by a pirate, even a gentleman pirate, sexy, but hey, we’re talking Joanna Lindsey here and her pirates really are sexy from Nicholas Eden and Captain Hawke to the handsome Bastard, Damon Reeves.

Jacqueline Mallory is ahead of her era. She wants to be a rake and a pirate just like her father. At eighteen, she knows how to be a lady, she just prefers those times when she does not have to be. Angry with her cousin Judy for getting married during their debut season, Jack is determined not to marry for at least a year. She has a dozen beaus to keep her entertained, but none can wipe out the memory of The Bastard.

Kidnapped from her debutante party in Connecticut, in Stormy Persuasions, Jack is determined to get her revenge on the pirate who abducted her. Even though she managed to escape and return home unscathed, her inability to use all the things her father taught her to fight back has left her feeling unsettled.

At a Masked Ball, Jack meets a man who sparks her interest, but she soon believes he is working for The Bastard, the gentleman pirate who kidnapped her the previous year.

With her father away, Jack turns to her brother Jeremy and his friend, getting the three of them embroiled in a conspiracy that could see their father imprisoned. When she and her brother make a truce with Captain Reeves, Jack is free to explore the feelings she’s had for him.

Pirates, lies, battles, a funeral and finally the truth is revealed. Is it too late for Damon and Jack to find their happily ever? It is if her father, James Mallory has anything to do with it.

Jack is a little more headstrong, a little more reckless and a lot more worldly than perhaps an eighteen year old debutant should be, but she’s James Mallory’s daughter and I liked her story. It was fun.  


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