Audiobook Review of The Wrong Bride

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The Wrong Bride by Gayle Callen, Read by Ruth Urquhart (Chirp)

Hugh McCallum abducts the woman he believes to be his betrothed, Catriona Duff. A marriage contract between the two clans is the only way to ensure peace and prosperity. Hugh will do whatever it takes to ensure his clan is taken care of, but will he give up the woman he loves when he discovers she has been telling him the truth all along and she is not the only Catriona Duff?

Hugh longs to prove he isn’t his father’s son. He is a man of honor and compassion. He must live down his childish follies and secure his clans future. Kidnapping his promised bride when her father refuses to honor the contract is the only thing he can think to do to prove his is the rightful laird and savior of his people.

Riona doesn’t want to care about her captor nor his people. Realizing her uncle has sacrificed her to keep his own daughter safe and force McCallum to break the contract forfeiting the land they’ve shared for years, her sympathies and desires become tangled with her own honor.

Willing to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of others, can Hugh and Riona find a way to have it all, or will they be doomed by their own honor?

Gayle Callen is a new author for me but I will be seeking out more of her books. Ms. Callen has given her readers a rich taste of the highlands, its lore and its delectable lairds. If you love brawny highland warriors and strong, independent lasses, you will enjoy this tale of mistaken identity. Read The Wrong Bride or enjoy the reading of Ruth Urquhart in the audio version of this book, either way, be prepared to stay up late because you won’t want to put it down.


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