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Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter by Wendy Corsi Staub, read by Melanie Ewbank

Bella Jordan never planned to be an amateur sleuth. She was just a widow trying to survive being a single parent. Raising her seven-year old son, Max and trying to do whatever she can to see he gets a happy Christmas, Bella doesn’t have time for the dead body that has washed up from the lake.

The Valley View Inn and Lily Dale have become their home, and despite or maybe because of the weird things that happen there, Bella’s sharp wit and logic are often at war with the mystical and magical side of her community. A sceptic, Bella really doesn’t believe in visions or talks with the dead, even though a magical cat brought she and her son to Lily Dale, and they have offered the mother and son their protection, Bella refuses to allow herself to trust her other sight.

A scream in the night and a body on the shore have Bella rethinking her ability to be logical.

When Max’s friend, Jiffy goes missing, Bella believes it is linked to the murderer.

Magic and logic team up to help locate the missing boy, catch a murderer and retrieve priceless artifacts.

This is a delightful story of love, hope and possibilities mingled with mystery. If you like a good cozy mystery with a little twist, check out Wendy Corsi Staub’s Lily Dale Mystery series.


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