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Debbie Reynolds

There is a new audiobook provider out. Bookbub has launched Chirp. The app is free as is membership. I’m addicted to audiobooks and I am delighted at the variety, price and ease of using this new app.

My first purchase from Chirp was Debbie Reynolds Make ‘Em Laugh. As a long-time fan and with her recent passing, I enjoyed hearing about Debbie’s life. Debbie’s autobiography is like her, quirky and fun and full of the unexpected.

When you see Debbie Reynolds on the big screen or even in her Vegas shows, you have no idea that her life isn’t perfect. She jokes about the mistakes she’s made, especially the men in her life, but she is candid about what has been wonderful in her life, her family, especially her children and granddaughter. It’s difficult to imagine that she didn’t have it all, or even if she did briefly, it was not to last.

Hearing her stories told in her own words, the narrator, Judith Ivey, sounding so much like her, made me feel as if she wasn’t lost but just taking a little break. This biography was cowritten by Debbie with the Dorian Hannaway and is a delight for fans and those who just love a good laugh.


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