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New York to Dallas

By J D Robb, narrated by Susan Ericksen

After the escape of one of her earliest takedowns from Rikers Prison, Eve Dallas is called back to Dallas and the place of her worst nightmares to catch the crazed killer again.

Isaac McQueen is a monster, a serial rapist who likes to leave his marks on his victims. By manipulating his female partner, McQueen plans to start his reign of terror again but his end game is to exact his revenge on Detective Eve Dallas.

With Roarke by her side as civilian consultant, Eve puts herself in line of fire. Her support system in New York, namely her partner, Peabody, works to assist her and longs to be by her side, but Dallas is one nightmare Eve must face alone.

J D Robb, aka Nora Roberts needs no other explanation of why this is just good writing. I love this power couple. Eve Dallas is one of the strongest characters I’ve read, she allows herself to be vulnerable only with her husband, Roarke and occasionally with her friends. As she is thrown back into memories too horrible to imagine, the reader cannot help but sympathize. Eve’s battles and Roarke’s support make your heart hurt and heal with the fierceness of their love. A fantastic story. The narrator, Susan Ericksen was perfect, she sounded like I’d imagine Eve to sound like. She really added to the story.


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