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Review from Author of Sarah the Bold

My author-friend, Eileen Lettick writes strong, realistic characters. Even though she writes mostly grade-school adventures, she reads widely and it is a great honor to have her review my novel White Gold.

Welcome to my blog, Eileen Lettick. To my readers, if you are looking for a great read for children 8 to 13, or if like me, you enjoy middle-grade fiction with strong characters and a unique adventure, check out Eileen’s Sarah the Bold.

The town of Leeward, North Carolina has an eclectic cast of residents, but none so charming and fun-loving as Dana Windley, a hopelessly romantic, curvaceous biracial woman, who, as the owner of Cupid’s Zone, a matchmaking service, is constantly in search of love and “Mr. Right” for herself and others.

When Dana realizes there has been a security breach into her Cupid Zone database, she teams up with her friendly and sexy NC Investigative Agent, Jake Monroe. The closer the investigation gets, the stronger the attraction between the twosome.Should they give in to their desires, or keep it on a strictly professional basis? Both of them fear the prospects of emotional hurt.

When on the surface the breach seems to be simply a security breach, more disjointed clues surface and lead to the very strong possibility of a young girl sex trafficking ring with a very close connection to Dana and the people she cares most about.

In Hollister’s “true grit” style, she weaves the steamy tale of a strong woman seeking romance on her own terms yet carefully protecting her heart and doggedly defending her hometown against the monster responsible for terrorizing young women. Salted with humor, steamy scenes of passion, a strong sense of place, all wound into an intriguing plot with a satisfying conclusion, White Gold has Hollister’s fingerprints all over it. I strongly recommend the book as a seductive, page-turning read to those looking for a thriller peppered with romance.

Eileen Lettick

Author of Sarah the Bold,  middle-grade historical, time-travel adventure


I write suspense with a hot romance and a southern accent. I like strong characters with attitude and charm. Heroines who can rescue themselves and heroes who aren't afraid to love them.