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Not Just Another Billionaire Story…The Billionaire’s Legacy

The cover of Reese Ryan's book just makes your heart melt. I'm half in love before I open the book.
Okay, Iconfess, I don’t care for billionaire stories. I’m not into rich jerks whothink they can use their wealth to get whatever they want. That’s not what The Billionaire’s Legacy is. BenjiBennett is the boy next door who made good. He is a kind, loving person whojust has grown up to be one hot, sexy man with the Midas touch. I bought The Billionaire’s Legacy because I fellin love with the Bourbon Brothers series. As the manager of an alcoholicbeverage store, the Bourbon Brothers series sounded fun. Reading the excerptfor The Billionaire’s Legacy hookedme on Benji and Sloan’s story. Sloan is thetough girl from the wrong side of town. In Magnolia Lake, everyone thinks theyknow your business, and Sloan couldn’t get away fast enough. When she and Benjimeet again, sparks fly. A one night stand turns into twins. Reese Ryanhas a way with characters. She has managed to create a hot, sexy hero who isboth sweet and kind but slightly flawed. She coupled him with an amazingly sexywoman who is both strong and vulnerable. While Sloan might be able to conquerthe world, being pregnant with twins has derailed her plans and brought her tothe place where she needs to rely on someone else. BenjaminBennett has had a crush on Sloan Sutton for most of his life. Can he convinceher that it’s more than a boyhood crush? Can their different plans and goalsfor the future blend together for a happy ending or are they destined to wonderwhat could have been? This is notjust another billionaire love story, this is real and you know these people.Welcome to Magnolia Lake, you won’t want to leave.


I write suspense with a hot romance and a southern accent. I like strong characters with attitude and charm. Heroines who can rescue themselves and heroes who aren't afraid to love them.

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  1. Like you I don’t card for the billionaire type stories, but reading your review of the Billionare’s Legacy peeks my interest and I want to read it. I’ve read other stories by Reese Ryan and have never been disappointed.
    Katiedid (K)

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