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Maya Rodale’s Bad Boy Billionaire Series and The Wicked Wall Flower

Maya Rodale is a marketing genius, not to mention that her books are amazing but wow, what a fabulous idea to link her Bad Boy Billionaire (contemporary) Series with her Wall Flower (historical) Series. I’ve just read two installments of the Bad Boy Billionaire: Wicked Arrangement and Girl Gone Wild and the first of the Wall Flowers, The Wicked Wall Flower and I’m hooked. I will definitely be buying the rest of this series and will be looking for more books by Maya. These are fun, funny and sexy reads.
The contemporary Jane Sparks, mild mannered librarian is terminal good girl, she’s boring herself to death. A chance meeting with a sexy stranger and suddenly, she has a fake engagement. Even though she keeps telling herself its not real, her feelings for bad boy Duke Austen are complicated. An invitation to her class reunion, an important project, a billion dollars and a historical novel that mirrors real life, can Jane’s life get anymore complicated? How about her ex-boyfriend, a second novel and oh yeah, her best friend/ roommate?
The Wicked Wall Flower is the story of one of three Wall Flowers, Emma who is afraid she will be the only unwed debutante from her former school. Her friends in an attempt to cheer her, write a letter announcing her betrothal but in their jesting, they decide her long term beau is not suitable and if they are going to draft the letter they ought to reach a little higher, why not the most eligible bachelor of the ton? When the letter reaches the newspaper and the Duke of Ashbrooke decides the fake betrothal works for his needs. He convinces Emma to go along with the ruse. A house party, his eccentric aunt, mean girls, competing for inheritance, torn between what might be and what could be. Emma is afraid to believe that she is worthy of the risk but unless she’s willing to take it, she’ll live to regret it.


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