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Borrowed Things By: Doris Schneider

Reading Borrowed Things was like finding a new friend and getting to know her. Anne Gray, the main character, is stronger than she realizes. She is a woman of strong passions, a sense of humor, courage, honor and grit. She is a true southern lady, with a preference for black pearls who is not afraid to get a little dirt on her hands.
Anne has made mistakes that have left her vulnerable and afraid but determined. After two failed marriages, Anne sells her home and stories to the CEO of the publishing that once rejected her book, in a last chance effort to give his dying wife a reason to live.
Anne finds her way back to herself in her new home on the coast with the help of these unlikely friends: a handsome Hispanic priest, a lonely eccentric widow and the vulnerable CEO.
What can memories shared with strangers do? Heal. The very thing that she believes is her weakness becomes her greatest strength and asset—Love.
This book is about healing— broken hearts and wounded spirits. It is about bringing families, friends and communities together. It is a love story in every sense of the word, for it’s the meaning of love that is revealed on these pages.
Borrowed Things is a beautiful story of the silliness and softness, of what it is to be a woman. It made my laugh, it made me cry, it made me want to read more.


I write suspense with a hot romance and a southern accent. I like strong characters with attitude and charm. Heroines who can rescue themselves and heroes who aren't afraid to love them.