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The Scandalous Adventures of the Sister of the Bride by Victoria Alexander

I love historical romances, this one is exciting and fun with characters full of interesting quirks and personalities. I loved the historical reference to the motorwagon and Mr. Benz.

I enjoyed the verbal sparring between the characters, Delilah and Sam have a lot of sexual tension. The relationship with her sisters and friend were an added twist. There were some slow parts but all in all, this book delivers the goods.

As they are nearing the turn of the century this is one of the most exciting times in history. So much change, technology and a world that is getting smaller, for the wealthy as well as the industrious this must have been a great time to be alive. The time period itself offers a bit of conflict as many fight the changes and others embrace them.

I would have loved a bit more of the history and technology in the story but I do feel Ms. Alexander gave us a taste of this unique period in time.


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