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Indentured Hearts by Hannah Meredith

Indentured Hearts grabbed me in the first few pages pulling me into the story and making me care about the heroine, Cassy aka Lady Cassandra. When she rescues herself from possible ruin and bravely sets out to write her own story we see someone we not only like but we respect.
At the first stop on her journey we see her nearly beaten and our sympathy for her increases as does our fear for her future. The hero in this story enters the scene and we know she is going to be okay.
Jason Anders has a code of honor that gives him strength but is also a weakness especially with his attraction to Cassy. A former indentured servant, Anders fights for the rights of others while giving in to his desire for revenge.
Cassy and Jason and the cast of characters feel real. They are not perfect but the are endearing and interesting. Their weaknesses and strengths are complimentary, using the knowledge they have, there are a few misconceptions but as the learn about each other and themselves they form a bond that will build a dynasty.
Once more placed in peril, Cassy shows her intelligence and bravery by pushing through the fear to find a solution. When Jason comes to the rescue, there is a believability in his failure and a surprising renewal of the lovers becoming each other’s salvation in more ways than one.
This is a truly American story. The history is interesting and helps bring the story to life. The setting, Colonial Tidewater Virginia evokes a sense of time and place. It is the perfect foil for this engaging love story.
Indentured Hearts transported me through time and showed me what my ancestors probably went through. The women who tamed this new world had to be strong of character and temperament, Colonial America was no place for the feint of heart.
Indentured Hearts is a novel I would recommend to anyone who loves strong characters, American History and a good love story. Hannah Meredith is one of the newest authors on my lists of favorites but I will definitely be searching for more of her work.
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