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Prompt: Truck Ride

He stared out at the crowd shouting his name but even their adoration could do little to lift him from the ennui that threatened to drown him.
He went through the motions, smiling for the fans, playing a rift on his guitar; he sauntered on the stage and did what he was paid to do, entertain.
Trent Harrell opened his mouth and the crowd went silent as the first lyrics of the song filled the air.
I want to take you down an old field road in the middle of the night.
Baby let’s take a ride.
Park my old pick up in the green cornfield, turn the music up loud.
Baby let’s take a ride.
I’ll hold you close and dance all night by the light of the moon.
Baby let’s take a ride.

He finished the song with a fantastic rift and a shake of his gluteus maximums. He worked hard to stay in shape but right now, he’d kill for a grilled burger and a chance to hand out with old friends. An idea began to form that included an old pick up truck and a long ride back to where he came from.