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No Time to Fall in Love

Dana is the woman with a thousand jobs. If anyone wants something done in Leeward, North Carolina, she’s the one they call. From her work raising money for breast cancer research and education to her efforts on behalf of the local Fossil Museum. She is on the Chamber of Commerce and the local Junior Woman’s Auxiliary. Dana owns her own dating club, Cupid’s Zone, which is a combination online dating and real-life club. She substitutes at the local school, writes for the local paper and volunteers for everything from street cleanup to the Fossil Festival Beauty Pageant. She is a busy woman but something is missing.

Jake hasn’t been home for more than a change of clothes in months. He’s not even had dinner with his parents since the Father’s Day picnic his brother had planned. He’d talked to them on the phone but he knew, he was in for an earful when he finally showed up on their doorsteps.

Jake was a workaholic but he’d earned it honest. His parents had struggled to give he and his brother a decent life. They’d worked hard. Like people of color knew, in America, you could have the dream if you were willing to work for it. You just had to work twice as hard, to get half as much.

Jake knew how to work hard, what he didn’t know, was how to live. Could Dana be the one to teach him how to enjoy life? When Dana is threatened, Jake realizes just how much she means to him and will risk anything to keep her safe, even his precious job.