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Addicted to Lady Sherlock Series

The Hollow of Fear by Sherry Thomas read by Kate Reading

The series of stories about a lady Sherlock Holmes/Miss Charlotte Holmes and her friend, Lord Ingram have become a new addiction. I love the time period when new things are happening in the world of forensics. I also think a lady Sherlock is intriguing, especially in an era when women were allowed to do little more than stay home and make babies.

Charlotte is a modern woman ahead of her time. She is sharp witted but often hampered by her lack of understanding the finer emotions. The sexual tension between her and Lord Ingram make the story compelling for the romantics but her deductive skills are a treasure for any who love a good mystery.

The Hollow of Fear pits Charlotte’s skills against those of a true mastermind. Can she uncover the truth about Lady Ingram’s murder in time to save her friend from the hangman?

The recurring characters of Treadles the police detective and Mrs. Watson add a richness and a familiarity to the story that makes a series like this even better.

The Hollow of Fear is Ms Thomas’ best so far, it puts Charlotte’s friend in true peril with a ticking clock winding down. Real danger hovers just over their heads and one wrong move could end in their deaths. Charlotte has to explore her own feelings and emotions, something she isn’t comfortable doing, during her investigations. We see more of who Charlotte is deep inside, the person she hides behind the fluff and flounces of sweet pastries and fancy gowns.

If you’re looking for a true mystery that pays homage to the original Sherlock Holmes, or if you like a little romantic suspense set amid a Victorian English backdrop, you need to check out this series.

The audio version with Kate Reading is like being dropped in the middle of the story and experiencing it all first-hand without leaving the comforts of home.    

The cover of The Hollow of Fear will make chills skitter up your spine.