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A Sewer Pirate

In Bed with the Earl by Christi Caldwell Narrated by Tim Campbell

As I have said many times before, I love audiobooks. One of my favorite genres is historical romance.

Christi Caldwell has become one of my favorite historical romance authors. I love that she keeps challenging the genre. Her characters aren’t the normal society sweethearts. They’re not the perfect and pristine.

In her latest book, In Bed with the Earl, news reporter Verity Lovelace has to prove that women are capable of uncovering the story as well as a man, often better. For Verity the story will make the difference between keeping her job or being out on the street with nothing.

The story she has to uncover is that of The Lost Earl. The earl, Malcolm North, the heir of the Earl of Maxwell was taken from his home as a child. He doesn’t remember his past and he has no desire to be found. He definitely does not want to share his story.

Desperate, Verity follows a clue into the sewers searching for the earl. After losing her shoes and nearly being eaten by rats, she is attacked by a man all of whom a handsome stranger saves her from. When she realizes her handsome rescuer is the lost earl, she tries to get her story from him, but he refuses. With no other choice she writes the only story she has, the story of her rescuer.

While people speculate why the earl would want to continue to live and work in the sewers of London the fine families of London are willing to wed him to their daughters for a piece of his fortune. Angry with Verity for setting this chaos in motion, the two make a bargain. They may get more than they bargained for as they uncover the past, the truth about family and honor, and learn what it is to love.

If you like your romance with a bit of history and a little twist, then you need to check out this fantastic novel by Christi Caldwell.

I have to say, this is one of my favorite books of 2020 and there have been some truly amazing books so far!  

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The Lady Travelers Guide to Scoundrels

by Victoria Alexander, Read by Marian Hussey (Chirp by Bookbub)

India Pendergast had no desire to travel. She never dreamed of anything more than what she had. Content or at least she accepts her life just as it is, that is until her cousin goes missing. India cannot imagine any place better than England, anyone smarter than herself and anyway but her own. Before believing you would not like a character so narrow minded, wait, India’s beliefs are limited by the narrowness of her experience and the fact that she has been thrust into managing her cousin’s household since she was a young girl and forced to go to work.

Derek Saunders is ordered by his uncle to shape up and start taking his responsibilities seriously. He is tasked by his mother to take care of his elderly aunt. The two responsibilities threaten to derail each other when he learns his aunt and her friends have been taking money for a Lady’s Travelers Society with no knowledge of how to plan a trip and having never traveled themselves. The threat of fraud is bad enough, but Derek believes he can keep the little old ladies out of prison, or he could have if one of their members hadn’t gone missing. The woman’s cousin blames the Lady Travelers Society and threatens to bring charges against them if they don’t do something to find the missing woman.

Derek and India team up, unwillingly, to search for her cousin. They head to Paris that last place she was known to have visited. Using the letters India received, they search all of the places mentioned. Her cousin’s dream of adventure soon envelopes her and opens India’s heart and mind to new possibilities, among them friendship and love.

This was a great adventure and had a lot of twists and turns. I love the strength and growth of the characters.

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The Perfect Husband

The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner Narrated by Sarah Zimmerman

What do you do when you discover your husband is a serial killer?

Jim Becket chose the shy teen to be his bride because he believed he could manipulate her. Tess spent years cowering before an abusive father. She believed Jim, a decorated cop, was everything she dreamed of, but her dreams soon became nightmares.

The mental abuse Jim put her through should have broken her, but Tess proved she was made of stronger stuff. When she began to suspect her husband wasn’t only sadistic but a murderer, she began to document his life and helped put him behind bars.

When Jim escapes, Tess must fight back to protect herself and her daughter. Once more putting herself in danger, she turns to a burned-out ex-Marine with his own demons to battle. Together, they will do whatever it takes to stop a mad man.

This is an excellent, edge of your seat suspense thriller with a little romance, family drama and great backstory. Lisa Gardner knows how to leave us breathless, afraid to miss a minute of the action. Narrator Sarah Zimmerman makes the book come to life until you feel you are the one fighting for your life. This was an awesome story you should experience for yourself.