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Home is where two hearts join, and their souls find refuge.

Dr. Willow Rider has only ever wanted two things, to become a doctor and to have a home.

Willow should have fought harder, now it was too late. Her sons didn’t need a mother and her husband, well, her husband would be better off with some small-town girl who liked living on a farm. She should let him go. The thought ripped her heart out. Could she let John go?

When John proposes they start dating, Willow had planned to say no. She’d never been able to tell him no, that’s how they ended up with the boys. Even after nearly thirty years, John Harrell was still the sexiest man she’d ever met and the only one she wanted in her bed. But their marriage was more than just how good they were in bed, and that was so good, no, they needed to work on the real problems. So instead of saying no, Willow challenged him. John couldn’t resist a dare or a bet. She’d not meant to put divorce as a condition of the bet. She didn’t want a divorce, did she? But she couldn’t give in and let John win the bet. They needed to talk…but can she lose the bet and win his heart.

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Revolution by Adrienne Dunning

A Revolutionary War ghost, a woman on the run and a man burdened by grief are brought together by a spunky old lady and an old house in need of restoration. “Revolution” is set on the boundary of Yorktown’s historic battlefield. Adrienne Dunning does a fabulous job of bringing the past to life as the ghost of Nate Emerson’s grandfather, William Nathaniel Abbott returns to protect the next generation in the Abbott’s long lineage.

Struck down too soon, William Abbott longs to be reunited with his wife Anna. The stranger, Meg, reminds him of his wife and he feels a connection to the wounded woman.

The ghost, William Abbott is as well developed a character as are Nate and Meg. William and grandma Clarissa are my favorites, their love of family transcends time and death, but it is the friendship and romance developing between Nate and Meg that makes me love reading romance.

This is a second chance romance but it is also about a second chance to do the right thing, a second chance to help another person, second chances to stand up for yourself, a second chance to live and love and make a difference.

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Promise Not To Tell by Jayne Ann Krentz

Promise Not to Tell by Jayne Ann Krentz is another fabulous story from one of my favorite authors. JAK combines intrigue, action and mystery with a bit of romance. Her characters, though flawed have a code of honor that guides them. They are often misfits who find each other and find they fit together perfectly.
Virginia and Cabot, have several failed relationships between them. They are not looking for another. Virginia Troy, a gallery owner, arrives at the private detective offices of Cutler, Sutter and Salinas with a bizarre tale, one that Cabot Sutter and his partner, Anson Salinas believe. The three share a past and a common nightmare; when Virginia tells them, their shared ghost may have returned and committed murder, Cabot is convinced the Devil has returned.
Art, murder, a missing treasure, a terrifying cult leader who once tried to murder them and a bit of family drama all entwine to create a story with Ms Krentz’s signature style. Can Virginia and Cabot puzzle out the pieces of the past and unravel the present before they fall victim to the vengeance and greed of a mad man. Will the past come back to destroy them or will they discover, they are no longer victims but the heroes of their own stories?
One of the reasons I love Jayne Ann Krentz so much is her ability to weave a great story with characters who are unique and interesting. She takes a problem or a flaw and turns it into part of the solution. She gives us characters who seem unlovable and give them their perfect mate. As a reader, I finish her books knowing, this mystery could have only been solved by these two characters because they are integral to the solution. If you haven’t read any of JAK’s books before, you can’t go wrong by starting with Promise Not to Tell.