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Caught by the Scot

Caught by the Scot by Karen Hawkins, read by Gary Furlong (Chrip)

Karen Hawkins brings the dashing Scottish privateer, Conner Douglas to life by making him both flawed and honorable.

When their sister dies giving birth to their nephew, her will states each of her rowdy, untamed brothers must marry within a month or their inheritance will be given to the enemies. While none of the men need the money, they cannot stand the thought of it going to the hated enemies.

Conner knows a woman who’ll marry him, and takes his time going to claim her. When he arrives, he learns she has eloped to Gretna Green with a local landowner. Conner tells her family he’ll go after her and bring her home. Though his true plan is to catch up to her and convince her to marry him instead.

Theodora Cumberbatch-Snowe maybe a plain, meek spinster but she’s no weak miss. She’s been in love with Conner for years but knows there is no chance of a happy union between them. She is tired of traveling about and he his little more than a pirate. She sees no way they can ever be together. She would not be content to sit home while he sails the seas half the year.

Conner knows Theodora is the perfect wife and is determined to wed her. It is soon apparent that it is not just about the inheritance, he truly wants Theodora to be his wife.

The road trip to Greta Green becomes a real trial for the eloping couple as Conner manipulates events and her intended into doing things to prove he is not the man for her. While Theodora soon realizes her mistake in her marriage plans, she is equally determined not to marry Conner.

This friends-to-lovers story is actually two love stories for the price of one. It is a road trip, coming of age and understanding, and what are you willing to do for love kind of story. It was a great read both funny and sad. It has definitely made me a fan of the author, Karen Hawkins.